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Embroidery Pattern


-Height: 49.6 mm
-Width: 36.2 mm

Non-Refundable on Downloadable Content. Please note that the embroidery patterns are ineligible for return & refund. Each Sewing Machines Code can only be purchased the same embroidery pattern once.

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Embroidery Detail
No. KIK023
Dimensions Height 49.6 mm
Width 36.2 mm
Stitch Count 2828 Stitches
Color Count 5

For Use With
NV180, NV180K, NV180D, NV950, NV980K, NV985D, NV750E, NV1250, NV1250D, NV2600, NV1500, NV4000, V3, V7, INNOVIS 1e, XV
  Brother Specified
Color Order
Brother Specified
Color Order Code
1 307
2 214
3 001
4 205
5 900

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