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Brother's First Home & Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner

Price : $ 3,999.00

Functions Built-in Scanner Built-in designs
Scan-to-Cut, Direct-to-Cut, Fabric Cut, Pen Draw With the 300 dpi built-in scanner, you can scan virtually anything – a handmade drawing, a magazine clipping, cherished photos, and more – and save to your USB for future use Select one of the 840 built-in designs, edit to your liking, and then have it cut out on your material of choice

Introducing ScanNCut from Brother, the world’s first home and hobby cutting machine with a built-in scanner. No more design cartridges and no PC required, ScanNCut will change the way you think about cutting machines forever. Imagine having 840 built-in designs…so what? Now, imagine cutting what other cutting machines can cut, plus cut fabric effortlessly! But wait… there is more, imagine a 300 DPI built-in colour scanner that can create outline cutting designs from a hand drawn sketch, or original art of something you saw in a magazine without the use of a PC. Now the only thing limiting your cutting creativity is your imagination.

Function enchanced, please click here to download the latest software.

Main Feature

  • Background Scan

    The magic of ScanNCut lies in the ability to scan your materials using the 300 dpi built-in scanner. See the scanned image on the large color LCD touch screen, open your cut design and, using the stylus, simply move the cut design over the desired area for a perfect cut without measuring or using a computer.

  • Welding

    Select from the wide variety of built-in designs or from your gallery of scanned images to build your own unique cut designs. Use the welding feature combine shapes, hand-writings, fonts and more directly on the large color LCD touch screen display. Combine detailed or intricate cuts in seconds to simply group designs into one piece prior to cutting.

  • Space Saving Auto Layout Capabilities

    With the space saving capabilities of ScanNCut, get the maximum use out of your material. Using the background scan option, simply scan you material into the machine and watch as an image of tie material quickly appears on the large color LCD touch screen. From there, see the exact placement of where your designs will lie or, the material prior to cutting them out. Even the smallest scraps can be utilized when working with this innovative crafting tool!

  • Scan to USB

    With ScanNCut, there is no need for a clunky stand-alone scanner! With the 300 dpi built-in scanner, scan virtually anything into your machine to be saved s a cut file. As a bonus, you can use ScanNCut to scan important documents, files, artwork. photographs and even your child’s favorite drawings, and save to your USB to be used for future use.

  • On-Screen Editing

    Editinq designs is both quick and easy with ScanNCut. Every editing function can be done on the LCD touch screen. Easily convert your scanned designs into custom cut or draw flies. Customize designs by charging the shape, size, or position. even using just part of a design. With the ability to weld, rotate arid resize your designs, you'll love having the ability to create fully detailed designs to your liking - all without the use of a computer or expensive design cartridge.

  • Seam Allowance and Sewing Guidelines

    ScanNCut gives you the ability to add a seam allowance in 1/4” increments to assist you in piecing together fabric pieces for your quilts, clothing and more. But wait, it gets better! You can even utilize the erasable pens to create sewing guidelines on your designs to assure virtually perfect placement of your stitches.

  • Large Scanning and Cutting Area

    Using the included 12” x 12” cutting mat, or the 12"x 24” cutting mat (additional purchase), easily create and cut a wide variety of designs - from one as small as a delicate snowflake for a holiday ornament or one as large as an inspirational wall quote to place in yow family living room. Plus, the cutting mats double as a scanning mat for ease of use!


Background Scan
Direct Cut
Pen Draw
Fabric Cut


1MB or 60 pockets
TFT 3.67" Color Touch Scren
Control Button
Power Start/Stop, Feed setting, Home, Abiliy to pause the machine with Start/Stop LED button
Included Accessories
Standard cut blade holder CAHLP1
Standard cut blade CAHLDP1
Deep cut blade holder CAHLF1
Deep cut blade CAHLDF1
Standard mats 12” x 12” (30.5 x 30.5cm) CAMATF12
Low tack adhesive mat 12” x 12” (30.5 x 30.5cm) CAMATP12
High tack adhesive fabric support sheets 12” x 12” (30.5 x 30.5cm) CASTBL2
Iron-on fabric appliqué contact sheets 12” x 12” (30.5 x 30.5cm) CASTBL1
Bonus Applique Pattern Collection: 50 designs on USB
6 colour pen set CAPEN1
Erasable pen set CAPEN2
Pen holder CAPENHL1

Dimension / Weight

Dimension (W x D x H)
497 x 175 x 157mm


1 year carry-in warranty

Crafting Workspace

Work Area
11.75" x 11.75"
Optional Extended Work Area
11.75' x 23.75"
Standard Blade
max 0.8 mm (may vary depending on the type of materials used)
Deep Blade
max 1.5 mm (may vary depending on the type of materials used)
Blade Depth Adjustment
12 levels
Cutting Speed
5 levels
Adjustable Holder Pressure
19 levels
Cutting Materials
Fabric Max 1.5 mm (may vary); Paper (mix 0.8 mm): Printer/ Scrapbook/ Cardstock/ Velum/ Tracing/ Poster board; Fabric: Thin cotton/ Flannel/ Felt; Others: Magnet/Sticker or Seal


Scanning Size
12' x 12'
Working Area
11.75" x 11.75"
Image Type
Full color
Thickness of scanning material
1.5 mm (max) Standard/ Low Tack mat
Scanning Speed
30 sec/mat
Scan Resolution
300 dpi
Recognition Type
Gray scale 256
Background Scan Adjustment
Direct Cut
Frame Types (11)
Scan-to-Cut Data
Detection type: Outline
Detection type: Region
Detection type: Line (Thinning)
Saving Data Function after detection
Deletion Area (unwanted scanned images) up to 3.9" per deletion
Threshold for converting: 5 level
Scan to USB
Yes, 7 scan size format
Scan to USB Output File Format
300/250/200/150/100 dpi as JPEG data


8 (English/ German/ French/ Dutch/ ltalian/ Spanish/ Russia/ Japanese)
Opening Screen
Test Cutting Function
Three patterns for test
Cut Area
Able to change by drag/drop operation
Mat Preview
Grid measurement
Built-in Designs
Built-in Quilt Patterns
Built-in Fonts
Drag and Drop Function
Select / move designs on the LCD using the stylus
Add Pattern
Add other designs
Enlargement/Reduction Feature
Designs can be enlarged or reduced
On-Screen Editing Feature
Sizing (Height)
Sizing (Width)
Lock and Unlocking the Aspect Ratio
Pattern Rotation in 1 degree increments
Seam Allowance ON/OFF
Group deleting / Group selecting
Auto Layout by Rearranging Pattern: Rotate at any angle, Rotate patterns 0° or 180°, Without rotating
Seam Allowance Width
7 levels
Pattern Spacing/ Pattern Interval
10 levels (width between pattern and pattern/ edge of mat)

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ScanNcut Accessories

Consumable ID Description Type
CAMATLOW12 Add to cart
Price: $ 169

Low Tack Adhesive Mat 12" x 12"

ScanNCut Accessories
Price: $ 169

Scanning Mat 12"x12"

ScanNCut Accessories
CAMATP24 Add to cart
Price: $ 199

Low Tack Adhesive Mat 12" x 24"

ScanNCut Accessories
CAHLP1 Add to cart
Price: $ 139

Standard Cut Blade Holder

ScanNCut Accessories
CAHLF1 Add to cart
Price: $ 106

Deep Cut Blade Holder

ScanNCut Accessories
CABLDP1 Add to cart
Price: $ 79

Standard Cut Blade

ScanNCut Accessories
CABLDF1 Add to cart
Price: $ 79

Deep Cut Blade

ScanNCut Accessories
CAPENHL1 Add to cart
Price: $ 79

Pen Holder

ScanNCut Accessories
CAPEN1 Add to cart
Price: $ 119

6 Color Pen Set

ScanNCut Accessories
CAPEN2 Add to cart
Price: $ 69

Erasable Pens Set

ScanNCut Accessories
CAUSB1 Add to cart
Price: $ 389

No. 1 Quilt Pattern Collection

ScanNCut Accessories
CAUSB2 Add to cart
Price: $ 389

No.2 Applique Pattern Collection

ScanNCut Accessories
CASTBL1 Add to cart
Price: $ 79

Iron-On Fabric Appliqué Contact Sheet

ScanNCut Accessories
CASTBL2 Add to cart
Price: $ 119

High Tack Adhesive Fabric Support Sheet

ScanNCut Accessories
CARSKIT1 Add to cart
Price: $ 699

Rhinestone Starter Kit 

ScanNCut Accessories
CARSSH1 Add to cart
Price: $ 199

Rhinestone Sheet Set

ScanNCut Accessories
CARSTS1 Add to cart
Price: $ 109

Rhinestone Transfer Sheets

ScanNCut Accessories
CAPSKIT1 Add to cart
Price: $ 279

Printable Sticker Starter Kit

ScanNCut Accessories
CAPSS1 Add to cart
Price: $ 239

Printable Sticker Sheet Set

ScanNCut Accessories
CAUSB3 Add to cart
Price: $ 389

No. 3 Home-Deco 75 Pattern Collection

ScanNCut Accessories
Price: $ 389

No. 4 3D-Craft Pattern Collection

ScanNCut Accessories
CASTPKIT1 Add to cart
Price: $ 230

Stamp Starter Kit

How to use

ScanNCut Accessories
CAMATS24 Add to cart
Price: $ 199

Scanning Mat 12"x24"

ScanNCut Accessories
CAUNIPHL1 Add to cart
Price: $ 130

Universal Pen Holder

How to use

ScanNCut Accessories
CASTPS1 Add to cart
Price: $ 120

Stamp Sheets

ScanNCut Accessories
CASTPBLS1 Add to cart
Price: $ 119

Acrylic Stamp Block Set

ScanNCut Accessories
CASTCL1 Add to cart
Price: $ 100

Stencil Sheet

ScanNCut Accessories
CAEBSKIT1 Add to cart
Price: $ 459

Embossing Starter Kit

ScanNCut Accessories
CAEBSSMS1 Add to cart
Price: $ 79

Embossing Silver Metal Sheets

ScanNCut Accessories
CAEBSBMS1 Add to cart
Price: $ 119

Embossing Brass Metal Sheets

ScanNCut Accessories
CAEBSTS1 Add to cart
Price: $ 99

Embossing Template Sheets

ScanNCut Accessories
CAEBSMAT1 Add to cart
Price: $ 149

Embossing Mat

ScanNCut Accessories
CASPHK1 Add to cart
Price: $ 149

Spatula and Hook Set

ScanNCut Accessories
CAMATSTD12 Add to cart
Price: $ 169

Standard Mat, 12" x 12"

ScanNCut Accessories
CAMATSTD24 Add to cart
Price: $ 199

Standard Mat 12" x 24"

ScanNCut Accessories
CAFTKIT1 Add to cart
Price: $ 360

Foil Transfer Kit 1

ScanNCut Accessories
CAFTGP1 Add to cart
Price: $ 100

Glue pen

ScanNCut Accessories
Price: $ 46

Foil transfer sheets Gold

ScanNCut Accessories
CAFTSSIL1 Add to cart
Price: $ 46

Foil transfer sheets - Silver

ScanNCut Accessories
CAFTSRED1 Add to cart
Price: $ 46

Foil transfer sheets - Red

ScanNCut Accessories
CAFTSBLU1 Add to cart
Price: $ 46

Foil transfer sheets - Blue

ScanNCut Accessories
CAFTSPNK1 Add to cart
Price: $ 46

Foil transfer sheets - Pink

ScanNCut Accessories
CAFTSGRN1 Add to cart
Price: $ 46

Foil transfer sheets - Green

ScanNCut Accessories

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