Embroidery Software

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PE Design Plus to PE Design 10 software upgrade kit: UGKPLUSTONEXT and UGKPED10 
*not applicable to PE Design Plus 2
Product description: 
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Embroidery Software Easy to Import Designs More Than 500 Built-in Sample Files Ability to Combine Image and Embroidery Use True Type Fonts as Templates Advance user interface Customize Quick Access Toolbar Editing in realistic view Name drop function Built in new stitches and patterns
- Requirement : Completed the installation with PE Design Plus

- Upgrade kit includes CD-ROM, User Manual and Installation Guide

Minimum PC Requirement:

Before installing the software on your computer, make sure that the computer meets the following requirement.

Computer: IBM PC or compatible computer

Operation System:Windows XP/Window Vista/Window7 / 8

Processor: 1GHz or Higher

Memory:512MB (1GB or more is recommended)

Hard disk free space:200MB

Monitor: XGA (1024x768), 16bit color higher

Port:1 available USB

CD-ROM drive:Required for installation
PE-Design 10 embroidery software includes new and improved features such as the ability to specify multiple sewing directions and the option to convert stitch patterns to outline patterns.(User computer must installed with PE Design 5/6/7/8/Next)
Key features
New Security Dongle
  • USB-sized security dongle
  • Compact and portable
New Functions
  • Chain Stitch
  • Net fill stitch
  • Multiple stitch direction
New User Interface
  • Design library Interface
  • Guide line
  • Fabric selector
  • Matrix copy
  • EMF & SVG importing
New Contents
  • 130 fonts
  • New 5 small fonts (6mm or less)
  • Newly named with sorting
  • 30 photo stitch image
  • 30 photo stitch PES data
Computer: IBM PC or compatible computer
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