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Custom UI

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What is Custom UI?

Available on select Brother devices, Custom UI allows the touchscreen control panel to be modified by the channel partner to meet a customer or vertical's specific requirements before shipping to the end user.

Custom UI makes it easy for developers to quickly:

Add branding and logos

Edit visual layouts

Create bespoke workflows

Deploy unification across multiple devices

Deliver customisation on a potentially mass scale

What Brother devices is Custom UI available on?

The solution is optimised for use on two of Brother’s acclaimed wireless, networked desktop standalone document scanners, ADS-2800W and ADS-3600W, as well as a selection of multifunction printers including:


Benefits of Custom UI to the channel:

Get closer to more customers:Benefit from increased margins and revenue potential via lucrative solutions contracts that bring you closer to the customer

Deliver more targeted products: Add customer branding and present products bespoke to their specific requirements. Or create more general vertical versions e.g. machines for finance that grant channel partners entry into previously untapped, more exclusive or regulated markets

Quick and easy: One timesaving tool to create, preview and deploy across a fleet of Brother machines

Supported by Brother:Comprehensive support from a pioneering technology brand with over a century of multi-national business expertise and experience

Benefits of Custom UI to the end user:

Value: Solutions of this type typically only feature on much more expensive machines

Bespoke to the way they work: More direct shortcuts mean that the number of clicks/workflow steps can be reduced and optimised for greater staff productivity, error intervention and general ease of use

Compliance: Whether restricting user access by removing access to certain features or simply complying with a company’s brand guidelines by adding logos, these devices adapt to work with business regulations

Compatibility: Available across a range of feature packed Brother desktop scanners, MFPs and DCPs

Support: Peace of mind that the Brother solution is being backed by the channel partner

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