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Brother International (Hong Kong) adheres to the motto "At your side" and vision "Global Vision 21". The Brother Global Vision 21 was established as a corporate strategy for the group in new era, which including "superior quality”, “Customer first” and “Protect the environment”.

Apart from focusing on environmental protection and emphasizing sustainable development in corporate operations, Brother staffs also actively involved in social responsibilities activities.

Choose one activity you want to support and click the "Donate" button every day. Brother will make a donation of one yen (approximately equal to one cent U.S.) per one click on your behalf.

Brother (HK) Charity activities

Brother staff use our sewing machine to sew 50 pencil cases and send to children's home. We also send 11 cartoon labellers for them to prepare the back to school materials with the pencil case. 

(July 2021)

Brother CSR - Children's home

Brother staff use our company's own sewing machines, labellers and commercial embroidery machine to sewing 53 tote bags and embroider the names of the elderly in the towels to send them as gifts and present our care to the elderly.

(May 2020)

Brother HK rented 2 sewing machines to voluntary organization Good Deeds Explorer to sew fabric masks samples and DIY packs for their volunteers or public. The volunteers has sewn over 1,000 pieces of fabric masks for the people in need.

(April 2020)

Brother HK staff joined worldwide intergenerational walk event advocated by World Health Organization to kick off the “World Heart Day” organized by The Hong Kong College of Cardiology, hoped to enhance the general public’s awareness of heart health.

(Oct 2018) 

Brother staff participated in ‘Stride for a Cure’ 2017 fundraising walkathon by Cancer Fund to help raise funds for cancer research and cancer care services.

(Dec 2017)

Brother (HK) Environmental protection activities

Brother Hong Kong Office organized recycle used books this year and collected about 90 old books. We have sent all the books to The Salvation Army. 

(Aug 2021)

Every year on April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day to support environmental action. On this special day, we invited our staff to take #BrotherEarthPromise to be more environmentally responsible in their daily life so as a reflection of our shared value.

(Apr 2021)

Brother Hong Kong Office organized recycle used red packets this year and collected about 950 red packets. We have sent all the red packets to Greeners Action. 

(Mar 2021)

According to information from environmental groups, a large number of recyclable moon cakes are being discarded every year after the Mid-Autumn Festival. Brother Hong Kong launched the "Mid-Autumn Mooncake Box Recycling" campaign after the Mid-Autumn Festival and set up a mooncake recycling area in the office, hoping to reduce waste. In the end, we have received a total of 20 mooncake boxes. Out staff sent them to the Kwai Tsing District Community Recycling Center so that the recycling center would recycle the mooncake boxes in a more environmentally friendly way and contribute to environmental protection.

(Oct 2020)

Brother sponsored the beneficiaries from Christian Family Service Centre for "Organic Farming Tour". Our staff and the beneficiaries learnt techniques of organic farming, hydroponic and organic de-worming.

(May 2019)


Brother staff participated in eco association’s Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins watching to know more about the biodiversity and understand the importance of environment protection.

(Mar 2017)