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Bonus points reward scheme

Loyalty bonus points reward

1. You can earn bonus points by performing different actions in our website. The more actions you perform, the more points you earn and more wide variety of gift for you to redeem. You will receive bonus points through the following designated events or by registering your product warranty online:


Accumulated spending in Brother eShop to upgrade membership tier


Spend HK$10,000 before June 30 of each year

Spend HK$20,000 before September 30 of each year

Member registration




Warranty registration




Member Birthday




Complete Service Center Questionnaire2

150 points

250 points

500 points

Purchase at Brother eShop

$2 = 1 point

$1.5 = 1 point

$1 = 1 point

Facebook Sharing3

20 points

30 points

50 points

Member Referral4

50 points

100 points

200 points

Product review and comment5

(Brother approval is required)

200 points

400 points

500 points

Free shipping for Brother eShop purchase

Purchase over $450

Purchase over $450

Purchase over $300

2. Maximum four times per year for doing the Service Center Questionnaire.

3. Share the Facebook post of Brother HK. This activity can only get reward point ONCE per day.

4. Points will be credited to the existing member account only after the new member has completed the registration process successfully.

5. Comments must more than 20 words and must be approved by Brother to earn the points.

6. You are required to complete online product warranty registration within 1 year from the date of purchase of the product in order to earn the loyalty bonus points.

7. You are entitled to earn designated loyalty bonus points once for every registration of designated Brother Product.

8. The loyalty bonus points will be credited to your Brothership account within 3 working days after completion of online product warranty registration.

9. Each member may earn a maximum of 1,000,000 loyalty points every year.

10. If Brother find that membership includes but are not limited to suspected illegal, dishonest activities, or technical error of system or breach of Terms and Conditions of Brothership, Brother has the absolute right to deduct or adjust any reward points earned.

Validity of the Bonus Point
  1. The Bonus Point Reward Scheme begins on 1st April of every year and expires on 31st March of the following year. All unused reward points will be automatically overdue and cancelled on 31st March of each year and new reward points will recalculate on 1st April. The membership tier will also reset to General member as at 1st April of every year.
  2. Members are responsible for checking and paying attention to the validity of the their own loyalty bonus points; Brother HK is not responsible for giving notice in advance to members as to when will the validity of the loyalty points expire or that the validity of loyalty points has expired. Members can login to their accounts to check the loyalty point status
  3. Each member should retain the original of the invoice any registered product for future verification by Brother HK. If the proof of purchase cannot be provided upon the request by Brothership, Brother reserves the rights to cancel any loyalty bonus point so earned and to recover the equivalent value of any promotional item which has already been redeemed.
  4. In the event you return the Brother HK products that you have purchased and obtain a refund therefrom, your loyalty points in respect of the returned products will be cancelled automatically.
  5. All loyalty points are not transferrable.
  6. Brother HK has sole and absolute discretion to terminate your membership or suspend your right to use any loyalty bonus points without giving the reason thereof. The reasons which cause the termination of your membership include but are not limited to suspected illegal or dishonest activities or breach of Terms and Conditions of Brothership, including but not limited to registration of Brother HK product for the purpose of obtaining loyalty points without having the current ownership of the Brother HK product.
  7. Brother HK reserves the right to transfer or cancel the loyalty points in the event of transfer of ownership of Brother HK’s products.
Loyalty Bonus Point Redemption
  1. Reward bonus points can only be used to redeem member gifts.
  2. Redemption of the promotional items is at the sole and absolute discretion of Brothers subject to the availability of the member gift items. Please login and click into the following link to see what gift items are available:
  3. Every member is required to bring along the valid redemption letter and show his or her identity card or other proof of identity for the purpose of verification at the time of redemption of gift items (Except Brother eShop e-coupon) . A valid redemption letter shall be provided with a copy of the member’s identity card or other proof of identity for the purpose of verification upon authorized pickup of promotional items by a 3rd party.
  4. Member who cannot provide above redemption documents or does not collect the members gift within the stated collection period in the Redemption Letter shall be deemed to forfeit his gift.
  5. Brother reserves the right to change the gift and the terms and conditions of the Brothership bonus point actions and reward at any time. Any changes to the above terms and conditions will be posted on the Brother website without further notice to the member.
  6. Brother is not liable for any damages, losses or liabilities arising out of or relating to the products or services that are not Brother product or service.
  7. Brother shall have the final decision and absolute discretion concerning all matters for this redemption and on any disputes, if any.

Brothership is operated by Brother International (HK) Ltd. Any reference to “Brothership”,“Brother HK” or “us” mean Brother International (Hong Kong) Limited. If you are a Brother eShop member or become a member upon referred by other members, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions set out below (these “Terms and Conditions”).




Type of Membership

Personal Member: for individuals or home users.

Company Member: for corporate customers to register products or or for individuals to perform activities on behalf of the corporate customer.


Membership Tier

Brothership General Member: Any individual who has or has not purchased Brother’s products.

Brothership Silver Member: Any individual who spent HK$10,000 or more Brother’s products in Brother eShop by 30th June of every year.

Brothership Premium Member: Any individual who spent HK$20,000 or more Brother’s products in Brother eShop by 30th September of every year.


Eligibility for membership

  1. You may apply for Brothership if you are over 18 years of age.
  2. Each member is only entitled to one Brother membership (Brothership).
  3. Each Member is required to confirm his/her/its own set of user name and password.
  4. All members have to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use as set out in the Brother website such as Terms of Uses, Term of Sale, Shipping Policy, Privacy Policy and Brothership Terms and Conditions.
  5. Brother HK reserves the right to terminate without prior notice any membership and/or suspend the right to use any loyalty point at its sole and absolute discretion.


Method of Application

To register for membership, an individual must apply online through and provide all personal particulars as required.


* In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail.

12th April 2021 Revised Version