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Future-ready Security and Efficiency for Financial Services Sector

World-class productivity and security for your evolving needs

Businesses in the financial services sector face strict regulatory compliance requirements, while striving to uphold the highest standards of data security for customer confidentiality.

Trusted by financial institutions and insurance firms around the globe, Brother's customisable solutions help transform your business workflow and cost efficiencies, delivering competitive customer-centric services for an unmatched customer satisfaction.


Enhanced security against rising threats

Secure your client's data with enterprise-level security features that safeguard against fraud and cyber-attacks.

Customizable micro-print font

Anti-counterfeiting solution that prints custom micro message that is only visible under a 5x loupe and becomes unreadable when copied.

Secure Print & Secure Print+

Ensure documents sent for print remain stored in the printer's memory until a password is entered on the printer. With Secure Print+, simply tap your NFC card to release the print job.

Secure Function Lock

Restrict authorised users or groups to specific functions of the printer such as colour or mono printing, setting page limits, scanning features and more.

Variable print

Create a visible watermark of customer's variable data (such as name, company, and account number) across financial documents to prevent tampering.

NFC Tap To Access

Prevent unauthorised access and track individual usage. Simply tap your NFC card to securely access the machine without the need to enter a PIN.

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)

Built-in industry-standard protocol encrypts critical financial and customer information against interception and theft as they are sent for print.


Innovation that drives productivity and cost savings

Brother's cost-efficient solutions are designed to optimise productivity and enhance your customer experience.

Compact, user-friendly package

Featuring intuitive control pane and touchscreen displays, Brother's space-saving solution are ideal,for customer-facing and back office environments.

Bespoke accessories

Increase paper capacity or automatically collate print jobs with optional paper trays, tower trays, and stapling and sorter attachments.

Optimising your backend environment

Streamline your IT processes with the Mass Deployment Tool for easy management of device settings, Web BRAdmin for fleetwide remote monitoring and troubleshooting, and Universal Printer Driver to support the entire fleet without requiring separate printer drivers.

Decentralise your print environment

Compared to a single shared large copier, deploying several desktop business printer across departments results in shorter queues and wait times, as well as the flexibility to suit each department's unique needs.

Brother Toner Management Program

Enjoy a fully optimised printing infrastructure without costly initial investments. This program provides you with full warranty, timely machine maintenance, on-demand toner replenishments and fixed toner prices.


Digitise your paper records

Brother professional high-speed scanners and Multi-Function Centres help you seamlessly migrate from traditional paper-based client records into digital copies.

Single Page Duplex Scanning

Dual CIS scanning technology scans 2 sided documents in a single pass for faster scanning speeds.

Integrated Card Reader

Effortlessly access machines and activate print jobs via NFC card.

PaperPort Professional 14

Transforms documents into searchable PDFs to efficiently organise, manage and find documents, all in one software.

Edge Recognition*

Automatically recognises the dimensions of scanned documents to reduce file sizes.

ABBYY FineReader*

Easy conversion of scanned paper documents, PDFs and digital images into editable, searchable information.

Scan to Secure PDF

Creates a security PIN for scanned PDF files to help keep customer's confidential records secure.

Document Indexing

Optimise data entry by direct key-in of folder path on machine panel.

Button Manager*

Assign up to nine different destinations to complete frequently performed scanning and sending tasks.

Scan to PDF/A

Designed for long term archiving, PDF/A files will not lose their original formatting when opened by future applications.

Skip blank page

Automatically detects and skips black pages to cut down on scan times and files sizes.


Quick, easy access to machine functions directly via your computer to allow easy configuration of machines settings.

Scan to SharePoint/email/network folder

Scan directly to various destinations without the extra step of saving on your computer first.


* Available on Brother Scanners only


Mobile and cloud solutions for seamless productivity

Brother's mobile and cloud solutions allow you to scan, print and share anytime, anywhere, making it easy for today's financial advisors to prepare and present financial plans on the go.

Empowering your on-the-go workforce

Brother's compact Mobile Scanners and Pocketjet mobile printers have built-in wireless and Bluetooth connectivity for insurance and financial professionals on the go.

Brother iPrint&Scan App

Brother iPrint&Scan app on your Android and Apple mobile devices facilitate a host of print and scan activities simply by connecting to your Brother machine wirelessly.

Brother WebConnect

Seamless print from and scan files to a wide selection of op cloud storage services such as services such as OneNote*,OneDrive*, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more. All done directly via your Brother machine.

Optimised solutions for your every need

Take a closer look at our comprehensive portfolio of recommended machines and solutions for every aspect of your business needs.

Queue Management Kiosk

Print queue numbers for customers according to selected services

• High-speed label printer with network connectivity
• Compact design for use in busy environments
• Seamlessly connect to your existing queuing systems

Our recommendation: Compact Thermal Label Printer TD2130N

Bank Teller

Scan and copy customer ID and print application forms

• Cost-efficient, dependable Multi-Function with Wireless connectivity
• Automatic 2-sided scanning and copying in a single pass
• Print on different paper sizes for various applications

Our recommendation: Colour Laser Multi-Function Centre MFCL8900CDW

Optional accessories: Lower tray accessory TT4000

Client Relationship Representatives

Print and scan of financial documents and forms

• Quiet and compact Multi-Function Centre for all office environments
• Wired and wireless connectivity as well as Wi-Fi Direct

Our recommendation: Refill Ink Tank Multi-Function Centre MFCT920DW

Financial Contracts

Secure printing of banking or investment contracts

• Professional mono laser printer with Wireless connectivity
• Large output capacity for easy document sorting
• Secure printing with inbuilt NFC card reader

Our recommendations: Mono Laser Printer HLL6400DW, Mono Laser Multi-Function Centre MFCL5700DN

Optional accessories: Document sorter MX4000, Tower Tray TT4000

Asset Management

Print labels to clearly identify business assets and equipment

• Compact and Wireless label printer
• Chemical, water and temperature resistant labels
• Multiple colours of TZe tapes for easy equipment organisation


Our recommendation: Label Printer PTP950NW

Server Management

Create identification labels for server cables and panels

• Portable handheld label printer with Wireless connectivity
• Print durable labels on site straight from your smartphone, tablet or laptop
• Compatible with heat shrink tubing for marking cables and wires

Our recommendation:  Handheld Label Printer PTE550WVP

Record Filing

Print large labels to clearly identify business records and folders

• High-speed, high-resolution professional label printer
• Flexible Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
• Convenient, drop-in tape rolls do not require ink or toner

Our recommendation: Wireless Label Printer QL820NWB


Scan and archive financial records

• Dependable document scanner
• Ultra-fast 2-sided scan speeds
• Versatile mixed batch document capabilities

Our recommendation: Professional Colour Desktop Scanner ADS3600W

IT Departments

Discover solutions that are fully optimized for your business

Real-time, fleet-wide management across your entire organisation

• Centrally manage your machines across all departments from one location
• Gain visibility over which machine is low on supplies or encountering errors

Our recommendation: BRAdmin


Customised solutions for your organisation’s unique needs

• Brother experts work closely with you to modify features and integrate with software solutions to meet your unique needs
• Design pre-configured solutions that are fully optimised for your business

Our recommendation: Special Solutions Customisation


Secure your printed documents

• Documents are only printed when you’re ready to collect them from the printer
• Release your print job using an NFC enabled ID card

Our recommendation: Secure Print+


Leasing Contracts

Print and scan lease and loan contracts

• Cost efficient and Wireless Multi-Function Centres for small workgroups
• Advanced scanning and copying features

Our recommendations: Mono Laser Multi-Function Centre MFCL5700DN, Refill Ink Tank Multi-Function Centre DCPT520W, Managed Print Service


Insurance (On the go)

Print insurance forms and policies on-the-go

• Portable high-resolution direct thermal mobile printer
• Print wirelessly from mobile or desktop
• Print up to A4

Our recommendation: PocketJet Mobile Printer PJ763MFi (Bluetooth)

Insurance Policies (Office)


Print customers' policies

• Durable mono laser Multi-Function Centre with Wireless connectivity
• High-speed printing and scanning to support multiple users
• High volume printing with tower tray


Our recommendations: Single function Mono Laser Printer HLL6400DW, Mono Laser Multi-Function Centre MFCL6900DW

Optional accessories: Document sorter MX4000, Tower tray TT4000

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