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From classroom to staffroom – reliable products for virtually every area

Educational environments have changed drastically over the last few years, shifting away from paper-based documents and moving toward sharing and storing documents electronically. Teachers, administration and staff need solutions that can help them to keep up with these demands - and more. Brother offers cost-effective solutions to the overlooked document input and output functions common in education.

Today’s Education Challenges

1. Budget is a Burden

Budget – or lack thereof – is one of the biggest concerns within education today.

Brother offers budget friendly printing and scanning technologies – among the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) on the market – backed by a proven track record of reliability.

2. Upholding Security

Brother knows security is a top priority and supports the latest industry security protocols to protect confidential student information and improve compliance with data.

With functions like Secure Function Lock and print job logging, you can rest assured you are compliant with security regulations from the moment you hit print or to the second you click send.

3. Shifting to Digital

Digital is at your doorstep, which means you need a mix of technologies to make the grade. Understanding how difficult this shift can be, Brother has developed solutions that can help easing the burden.

Brother scanning solution delivers seamless productivity and streamlined workflows, as well as offers robust reliability to help education industry to take on the challenges of a digital future.

4. Mobility is Ubiquitous

Mobile technology is making waves in education. With Brother’s solutions, employees can have access to printing and scanning technology right at their fingertips. Brother offers a variety of options to enable printing from and scanning to virtually all the major mobile devices and operating systems. Employees will be able to send pertinent – and timely – student information at the click of a button.

6 Key Reasons to Choose Brother

1. User-friendly experience in a space-saving design

Brother’s range of education solutions feature intuitive control panels and touchscreen displays, innovative software and mobile apps for an effortless user experience. These compact, versatile machines easily fit into the small courters and back offices to help maximise valuable space.

2. Mobile and cloud solutions for on-the-go productivity

In today’s connected world, schools can depend on Brother’s flexible mobile printing and labelling solutions that are ready for deployment in every aspect of your education environment.


Brother Mobile Apps

Brother WebConnect

Brother iPrint&Scan and iPrint&Label apps on your Android and Apple mobile devices facilitate a host of print, scan and label activities simply by connecting to your Brother machine wirelessly.

Our award-winning innovation offers a seamless way to print from and scan

files to a wide selection of top cloud storage services such as OneNote®, OneDrive®, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. All done directly on your Brother machine. 

3. Unlock the Power of Digitised Documents

Brother’s robust business-class capture devices enable administrators to apply improved workflows to education environments by automating and streamlining assessment test processing through (Optical Character Recognition) OCR technology. Documents can be securely shared via computers, mobile devices, and cloud storage. 

4.Keep your printing environment secure

Safeguard your machines from unauthorised usage, and secure access to confidential documents in the busy environments. Brother printing and labelling solutions come equipped with enterprise-level security features to keep your  business protected.


NFC Card Reader

Brother Secure Function Lock

Brother Secure Function Lock

Near Field Communication (NFC) reader on Brother machines help to prevent unauthorised access and track individual usage. Simply tapping your NFC card to securely access the machine without the need to enter a PIN.


Limit the functions on your Brother machine for users or groups. You can reduce operating costs by controlling who gets access to specific print functions such as colour printing, copying, or the number of pages users are allowed to print.

Safeguard sensitive information even as you share your Brother machines across departments. Secure Print ensures that documents sent for print remain stored in the printers memory until a password is entered on the printer.

5. Advanced Software and Technology Solutions

Brother wireless and wired products offer advanced technology features, which include network scanning, Scan to FTP, Scan to SFTP, and Scan to Network Folder (SMB). Our solutions can help your IT department manages and supports your operations efficiently and effectively.

6. Visitor Management Solutions

Create the perfect first impression with a professional visitor management solution for your school. Choose from a range of third-party software providers and combine with our award-winning label printers to create a seamless solution for welcoming, identifying and monitoring visitors on-site.

Brother Solutions for education industry

Brother provides cost-effective solutions and services to the education sector, solving many problems and challenges posed by decreasing school budgets. This allows our education customers to concentrate on their core competency: Teaching. Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions creates significant value for K-12 schools, education centres, school districts, colleges, universities and libraries.
1. Balanced Deployment

Brother will help you to deliver the appropriate number of devices to your institution’s different departments to ensure you are making the most cost-effective decision as it relates to printing and scanning.


Print/scan/copy/fax homework, reports and more 

• A low total cost of ownership due to a super-high-yield toner cartridge for built-in added value  

• A business durable, compact design with fast print speeds  

• Advanced security features to maintain compliance and protect against unauthorised device access  

• Easy menu navigation

Our recommendations:

Mono Laser Multi-Function Centres HLL6400DW

Mono Laser Multi-Function Centres MFCL5900DW

Mono Laser Multi-Function Centres MFCL6900DW

2. Reception

From their first interaction, leave your visitors with a lasting impression of professionalism and efficiency. Partner a Brother QL label printer with leading visitor management software to facilitate effortless signing in with just a few taps, while key information is wirelessly printed onto a high-quality badge.


Create a seamless solution for welcoming, identifying and monitoring visitors on-site

• Visibility of visitors on-site at all times

• Save time by pre-booking large groups in advance

• Keep visitor details secure through digital solutions

• Deliver a great first impression customised with company brand and logo

Our recommendation: PC Connected Label Printer QL820NWB

3.    Administration office 

Brother offers a multitude of print, copy, and scan solutions to meet the needs of virtually any administration or department.

Print label for name tags and equipments

• High-speed, professional label printer with Wireless connectivity

• Optional Li-ion battery and WLAN for on-demand printing

• Print from smartphones or tablets

Our recommendations: PC Connected Label Printer PTP950NW

Print and scan reports, contracts and daily administrative documents

• Fast, quiet and compact all-in-one with Wireless connectivity

• Print conveniently from mobile devices

• Adjustable tray to print on various paper weight and sizes, e.g envelopes and A5 invoices

Our recommendations:

Mono Laser Multi-Function Centres HLL2385DW

Mono Laser Multi-Function Centres MFCL2715DW 

Mono Laser Multi-Function Centres MFCL2750DW


Unlock the Power of Digitised Documents

• Brother WebConnect includes OCR processing in the cloud, enabling users to create searchable, editable PDF, DOC, XLS and PPT files without the need for a computer.

• Brother scanning solution works with third party software to effortlessly convert documents into searchable PDFs

Our recommendations: Desktop Scanners ADS3600W


Case Study

Our client is the School of Communication at one of the famous University in Hong Kong. The professors and lecturers at the School of Communication need remote teaching in elsewhere. They need to switch on the computer in the staff room when printing documents, which is lack of flexibility and lowers the operation efficiency.

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