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Labeling Solution

Experience effortless label printing with Brother’s versatile label printer to cater your needs and optimise your workflow.
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Experience effortless label printing with Brother’s versatile label printer to cater your needs and optimise your workflow.


Brother labelling solutions empower you to scale your efficiency, guaranteeing convenience for your staff so they can focus on the more crucial aspects of your organisation.

Barcode Print+

Brother's Barcode Print+ enables you to easily print barcodes from your Brother printer.
You simply supply your printer with the information for the barcode, the barcode is then printed exactly as it should appear. The quality of the barcodes reflects Brother's exceptional printing standards. So, they are read with ease by a variety of barcode readers.

Simple integration

Easily integrates into your existing software systems. Fully compatible with SAP and many more enterprise solutions.

Using your standard office printer

There's no need to use a specialist or dedicated printer. Barcode font printing can be easily added to your Brother office printer.

Bespoke to your business

Easily print the barcodes that your business needs, to fit your specific document requirements.

Use with Brother Barcode Utility to automate your document sorting procedure to save time and reduce opportunities for error.



Create durable and versatile labels custom-made for your needs. Brothers label printing technologies are built to perform various applications, whatever business you're in.

Application in Work Environment

Covering a range of sectors including education, health care, retail and general business applications, Brother's label printing solutions empowers you to create professional labels fit to your specialised needs.


Find out more application in different industries.


Label Application under COVID-19

Safeguard your workplace with Brother labelling solutions, clear communication of compliance measures through signage and labelling is key to a new way of working safely.


Label Printers

Make tagging and marking items a snap with Brother's easy-to-use label printers. With versatile connectivity options and a variety of templates to choose from, Brother printers make them ideal for use in different work environments.



Brother TZe Laminated Labels

Designed for ultimate durability, Brother TZe labels are protected by clear laminated film to provide an incredibly robust finish. Brother's laminated solutions are ideal for applications that are exposed to abrasion, extreme temperatures, water, chemicals, and sunlight.


Brother iPrint&Label

Print labels on demand from your mobile device wirelessly. With Brother iPrint&Label free application, you can create custom labels from your smart device's image gallery or camera, or choose from pre-designed labels automatically formatted to your Brother label printer's tape size.


Software Development Kits

Eliminate the complicated process of developing a custom labelling and mobile printing solution for your current software applications. Brother's Software Development Kits (SDKs) let you easily incorporate these capabilities into your existing business applications.


Save costs by integrating a label printing function to your existing system. Brother P-Touch Applicable Component or the b-PAC SDK enables convenient label printing of any combination of text, barcodes, images, and logos without the need of third-party solutions. Needing only basic coding knowledge, integration is simple and effortless for your team.


Mobile SDK

Using our mobile SDK provides a print function with facility, it allows developers to easily add a print function to their programs without the time-consuming development of complex print program.


Case Study

Our client is a start-up company in Hong Kong which provides e-commerce solutions for different retail companies. The company's business is continuing to grow with funding from multiple venture capitals and it has now expanded out of Hong Kong to 10 Asia countries. The company provides one-stop solution for different retail companies to build their own e-commerce platform, services included website design, online payment and logistics operation, etc. At the meantime, it provides POS support for brick-and-mortar store to achieve the integration and synchronization of online and offline data, including sales, inventory, price and other information. The e-commerce solutions company works with Brother to provide a simple and effective labelling solution which shortens the processing time of warehouse management and logistics.

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Before digital technology, most event organizers and companies used paper guest lists to check-in guests, which often hampered a higher-quality event experience. Zkipster found that those who registered early had pre-printed (and potentially incorrect) name badges waiting for them. Long lines and clumsy searching at sign-in tables slowed down the process. And late signups or walk-ins were given “the permanent marker treatment,” as the attendee’s name and organization were scribbled (often unreadably) on a blank badge.

Daniel Dessauges and David Becker, the two co-founders of Zkipster, were running a series of events in which they needed to expedite this process and cut down waiting time for guests. Initial clients had a number of feature requests that they wanted to add to the Zkipster platform to speed up processes. One key request was to connect a name badge printer to the guest list app to automatically print a name tag at check-in and arrival of an attendee. Zkipster saw an opportunity to streamline the “guest journey” and to digitize the check-in process to meet these needs.

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