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Delivering Durability to Labels in your Office
Asset Management - Asset Management Labels

Asset Management Labels

Brother laminated labels are scratch and chemical resistant, which make them ideal for tagging laptops and other IT equipment that come in frequent contact with dirt and rough surfaces.

Asset Management - Signage and Caution Labels

Signage and Caution Labels

With heat and water resistant properties, Brother laminated labels will be fitting for office pantries with hot water dispensers and other appliances.

Asset Management - Instruction Labels

Instruction Labels

Paper labels will fade over time, especially under exposure to light. Brother laminated labels are resistant to fading and will ensure contents stay visible even after many years.

Why Laminated Labels?
Asset Management - Laminated Tested

Brother TZE tapes feature a laminate film that is applied over the top of the label during the printing process. Watch how laminated labels withstand tough environments here

Thermal transfer printing, sandwiched between two protective layers of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), results in a durable label that can withstand tough conditions.

These Brother laminated label tapes are built to last and prevent the printing from rubbing off or deteriorating over time.

Click here to see Tape selector for PT series Labeller

Click here to see durability test data for Brother TZe laminated labels

Using Excel data to print labels
Asset Management - P-touch Editor

P-touch Editor is the easy-to-use software to create asset labels, allowing you to print and edit labels using data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or CSV file amongst other database formats.

Watch this video to learn more.


  1. Create your own template
    (Or download the below templates)



  1. Connect with DB file



  1. Link data to the object



  1. Print selected contents



Asset Label Templates
Asset Management - Barcode Asset Labels

Barcode Asset Labels

With the use of barcodes, you can trace company assets with existing record systems for easier and more seamless management.


Download Template

Asset Management - QR code Asset Labels

QR code Asset Labels

Save time and get quick access to asset details with just a scan on the QR code. Reduce space on labels by generating QR codes to track assets information.


Download Template

Asset Management - Signage and Instruction Labels

Signage and Instruction Labels

Display reminders and instructions around the workplace to ensure safety and efficient business operations.


Download Template

Application Gallery
Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management - Document Trays

Document Trays

Asset Management - Shelf Organisation

Shelf Organisation

Asset Management - Storage Boxes

Storage Boxes

Asset Management - Meeting Arrangement

Meeting Arrangement

Asset Management - Product Samples

Product Samples

Product Recommendation

Product Recommendation

PTE550WVP Hand-held_PC Connected HK$2,398.00
  • All-in-one labeling solution seamlessly connects in-house & on-site labeling jobs
PTP750W PT Series PC Connected HK$1,598.00
  • Brother First Wireless-enabled, PC-connectable P-touch Label Maker
PTP900W PT Series PC Connected HK$2,628.00
  • Professional PC connectable label printer with Wi-Fi
PTD610BT Hand-held_PC Connected HK$1,348.00
  • All-new PC-connectable label maker for home and business applications with full-colour LCD display (English version)
  • Support Bluetooth connect mobile app 'iPrint&Label
  • Can print up to 24mm label width tape
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