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Labelling Solution - Case Study

Company Background

Our client is a start-up company in Hong Kong which provides e-commerce solutions for different retail companies. It has grown in just few years from a small team to a company with more than 100 employees. The company's business is continuing to grow with funding from multiple venture capitals and it has now expanded out of Hong Kong to 10 Asia countries. The scale of the company is expected to develop continuously.


The company provides one-stop solution for different retail companies to build their own e-commerce platform, services included website design, online payment and logistics operation, etc. At the meantime, it provides POS support for brick-and-mortar store to achieve the integration and synchronization of online and offline data, including sales, inventory, price and other information.

Brother Labelling Solution - Convenient and easy-to-use

The e-commerce solutions company works with Brother to provide a simple and effective labelling solution which shortens the processing time of warehouse management and logistics.


The POS system provided by the company will automatically generate barcodes for new products once user has entered the item in the system. Then, they can choose to use Brother's PC connected labeller QL820NWB to print out the barcode labels. Information such as product name, specifications, size, colour, price and barcode can be clearly displayed on the label, allowing easier and more accessible stock management while avoiding confusion caused by handwriting. Saving manpower and time while increasing the efficiency of inventory management and order processing.


The other useful purpose is printing for logistics information. Merchant can print out the shipping label directly based on the contact and address that customers submitted.  It minimises the time for filling in the recipient's information and the chance of mistakes. A label with clear pieces of information printed on is truly an essential element to ensure smooth logistics operations, enabling swift and accurate delivery to customers.

The labeller is also perfect for file organising. It keeps not only the rough and non-standardised handwriting away, but also improves aesthetic. The neat and tidy presentation brings along with label translates into a better brand image in customers’ mind while saves time in overall sales operation.


Brother QL820NWB labeller adopts thermal printing which allows it to print without ink. With various sizes and materials of label tape to choose from, the labeller can be used in a vast array of purposes. In addition to the wired printing function, QL820NWB also supports wireless printing. Pairing with Brother iPrint&Label application, label can be printed directly from mobile devices, allowing high usage flexibility in different situations.

Product information
QL820NWB Professional PC Connect Labeller with wireless connectivity

  • Use DK Tape
  • Max printing speed up to 176mm/sec
  • Wired and wireless connection (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) supported
  • Optional rechargeable battery for labeller (PA-BU-001) allows 4,000 labels (black & white) / 1,400 labels (black & red) mobile printing
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Compatible with SDK (Software Development Kit)
  • Edit and print directly from mobile devices with Brother iPrint&Label application