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Value Added Workflow Solution

Value added workflow solutions are additional functions and applications added to existing hardware to maximise the overall value or revenue generated for customers.
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Value added workflow solutions are additional functions and applications added to existing hardware to maximise the overall value or revenue generated for customers.


Custom UI, Barcode Utility and Secure Print+ are chargeable options and require license activation, please contact us for more information.

Custom UI

For many businesses, scanning documents into their existing workflow can be a complicated journey. A lot of time is spent when scanning single pages manually, reducing productivity and increasing the risk of document misplace.


With Custom UI from Brother, you can now tailor the touch screen experience to exactly what you need.

Fully customise the visual layout Add your own backgrounds and icons Create bespoke workflows including personalised 'scan-to' destinations
How Custom UI can benefit your business

Seamless business integration

Customise the touch screen to fit with how you run your business. Workflow steps can be optimised for better productivity, reducing error intervention and generally easy to use.

Bespoke to the way that you work

Reduce staff training and minimise opportunities for error with bespoke one-touch scanning. You can also follow your company's brand guidelines by adding your company logo.

Comply with industry standards

Whether it's restricting user access by removing certain features or simply complying with industry regulations, you can easily adapt your printers and scanners to do what you need.



Barcode Utility

Scanning many documents at once, saving, and then renaming them can often be time consuming and labour intensive.

Brother's Barcode Utility software enables batches of documents with a barcode to be scanned, processed and saved in their respective folders in no time, reducing opportunities for error.


Using advanced document routing technology directly from your scanner with a software upgrade, your files are saved to the required location, automating the separation of a batch of documents, and saving each individual file to the required folder on your network.

With no need to use a PC, your document management process is immediately faster and more accurate.

Save time

Streamline your workflow process by using scanned documents with barcodes. Barcode Utility groups individual pages into documents, and renames the documents based on the information on the barcode. These are then automatically saved as new files in your required folder.

More secure

Scanning documents in a shared environment and manually moving files can often lead to critical files being lost or misplaced. Brother's Barcode Utility provides a clear structured workflow, taking the information from the barcode and saving the files to the precise final location.

Reduce errors

When people are inputting data, errors can be easily made. By automating the process, and utilising the barcode data on the documents, digital copies can be saved consistently with the correct naming, and in the correct location every time, making documents easy to find.

Secure Print+

Secure Print+ is a print management software which helps businesses protect important documents and improve print security, allows print jobs to be released by the authenticated user, making sure confidential data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

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Your documents are only printed when you're ready to collect them from the printer. Using an NFC (Near-field Communications) enabled ID card releases your document to be printed.

Easy to manage undefined

Users can be added and removed in a few simple steps. Each user can be setup with their own profile. Individual access can be granted to some or all printer's functions.

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Protect confidential documents from getting into the wrong hands. Sensitive documents are only printed when you release the print job from the printer.

Protect confidential information

Secure Print+ is ideal for companies or organisations that work with privacy or sensitive information and do not have a print management solution with advanced printing security features available. To ensure that this data does not fall into the hands of unauthorised employees or visitors, Secure Print+ provides a relatively simple but highly effective security solution.

Protect your documents and comply with regulations

Secure Print+ enables you to print confidential business documents securely.
Confidential and sensitive documents are often printed and left on a printer, increasing the potential of the information getting into the wrong hands.
Secure Print+ is a simple, yet effective secure printing system. Your document security can be instantly improved, ensuring your sensitive documents are protected.

Secure Print Advanced

Enterprises can increase the flexibility and security of printing documents through the value added workflow solution - Advanced Secure Print*. Employees can release printing documents from any printer on your network with peace of mind.

Even if their department printer is occupied by others, employees can simply print from other departments without issue. When the employees need to print documents in the meeting room, they can use the printer in the meeting room directly without having to worry about selecting the correct print queue from a long list of existing printers; reduced users friction and increase productivity. It will follow the users wherever they go to in the office with Brother network, and securely with just a tap of their NFC card, to avoid confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands.

*Additional purchase is required, please consult Brother corporate consultant for details.


Paper Handling Solutions – Carbon copy

For industries such as freight and logistics which require carbon copy functionality, selected Brother printers can automatically print one page of data to different paper types by changing the paper source. This carbon copy functionality allows you to make multiple copies as though you are printing on carbon paper using a dot matrix printer.


The carbon copy function also allows you to select a different printing macro for each page. A Macro can change the appearance and design of a page. For example, if you wish the first page to include your company logo and some other special formatting, you can create a macro and apply that special design to the first page printed. If you then wish the second and other subsequent pages to have a different design, you can create different designs for each page.

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