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Company Profile

Our client is a Hong Kong medical beauty centre with 10 branches, mainly provides assorted medical cosmetology services and offers skin care products retail service. As the business grows, the company also provides cosmetology and manicure training courses for people who are interested in joining the industry.


With the rapid growth of medical cosmetology business, the one-stop service from cosmetology training, and services to sales often makes the document processing become complicated among departments.


In the office, more than 10 employees share a 4-in-1 laser printer. Colleagues take turns to use the printer for their tasks. With the increasing number of students enrolling in cosmetology courses, the demand of teaching materials printing has been increased gradually.

When the printer is in use for printing teaching materials, it usually takes up a lot of time due to the slow printing speed which increases the queuing time and reduce productivity of other employees. While printing sensitive information like personal data of employees, customers or students, there are often cases of messing up or losing of the information. Security is a main concern of the company when processing private and confidential information.


On the other hand, marketing department needs to print drafts of promotional material in A3-size with color which the existing printer cannot meet this requirement.


At front desk of branches, customer registration and survey are usually completed on tablet, however, it is necessary to print out the form for customer to fill in when there are too many guests at the same time. Branch staffs are also required to scan and upload the forms to company's cloud server for backup, but they often forgot the upload procedure due to their busy schedules, results in spending extra time on file checking. In addition, the reception area is small, but the current printer has already occupied a certain amount of space, therefore, the printer has a need to be replaced.


When there are new staff joining the frontline or new student joining the cosmetology courses, a name tag is required for identification.  Due to resource limitation, the name tag is usually printed on ordinary paper labels and stickers. There are lots of chance for them to contact liquid during works or courses, as a result, the name tag and equipment labels could be easily splashed by liquid and causing damage.

Solutions and results

Acquire printers with different functions

Easy File encryption settings


Finally, the company replaced the existing 4-in-1 inkjet printer by Multifunction Color Laser printer MFCL8900CDW. It can print mono and color documents at the speed of 31 pages per minute, hence reducing the waiting time. MFCL8900CDW supports document encryption printing by enabling the Secure Print + function #. Employees can choose to print among several printers by simply tapping NFC card for identity authentication, printing confidential information easily without entering PIN. It simplifies the printing process and reduces the chance of privacy leak.


#Enable Secure Print + function requires additional purchase of activation code


Employees who in charge of cosmetology courses are using mono laser printer HLL6400DW. It is equipped with optional lower tray TT4000 and optional output tray MX4000 which helps to satisfy the need of extensive printing and sorting of course materials. The increased number of paper storage improves work efficiency by lessening the time to refill papers.


Marketing department are using colour inkjet multifunction printer MFCT4500DW with the simple refill ink tank system. The high-volume ink bottles allow printing up to 6,500 pages, with cost per page as low as $ 0.013 *. The printer supports A3 printing which are perfect for printing promotional materials for preview and final materials.


* According to ISO / IEC 24712 test calculation


The above 3 printers support wireless cloud printing, including Brother's iPrint&Scan, Apple AirPrint® and Google Cloud Print ™. Document can be easily printed even on a mobile device to support mobile printing.


Space-saving design with the ease of cloud connection


In each branch, space-saving multifunction laser printer MFCL2750DW was installed for daily use. After customers have filled in their personal information or survey, the documents are scanned and uploaded directly to company’s cloud server with “Brother Web Connection”, reducing the chance of human error. The convenient and time-saving "Easy scan to Email" application is also widely used to scan files directly to destinated email address without connecting to computer.




Versatility and convenience of label printing


The company adopted Brother’s labelling solution for each branch with the use of PC connected label machine QL820NWB. It can be easily operated by computer with a wired or wireless network. The label printer can print with various label tapes with width up to 62 mm and the printing speed can reach 176 mm per second, which is the best to meet the name tag demand from growing number of students. Durable film tapes are used on name tags and equipment labels as it enhances waterproofness and durability. For document organising, file folder tapes are used to reduce the confusion caused by handwritings and improve the overall tidiness.


Centralised usage monitoring of departments


IT administrators save time by using BRAdmin Professional software to monitor the status, activities and printing usage of the mentioned equipment. Even if technical problems are encountered in branches, IT administrators can check the device settings and fixing them remotely, hence reducing the maintenance cost and travel time as on-site inspection is not necessary.


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