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Home Product Design&Print 2 function introduction

~~~~ Simple to use 3 steps ~~~~

Step 1 -> First select from "document management", "retail store" or other types.

Step 2 -> Select a template that suits the application or purpose.

Step 3 -> After finding a ttemplate you like, Click "Create"and you can preview the label while edit/print at the same time.

3 step for using design&print 2

~~~~ Features of the application ~~~~

Support various kinds of font style Design&Print2 font

You can use the fonts in the app and the built-in fonts in the OS.

Support various kinds of symbols Design&Print2 symbols

Built-in more than 1,000 kinds of patterns and symbols.

All templates in app Design&Print 2 template

There are many various label template inside the app, the templates can be freely adapted to different applcation or purpose.

Built-in shared label function Design&Print 2 share

Print QR Code label such as URLs, images, video, etc., and you can easily link to pages such as the instruction manual page or the product website.

Text Scan

Make use of the mobile phone shooting can be automatically converted image into text, eliminating the hassle of manual input.

Application >>> Recipient label | Change to similar label

Translation in app

Design&Print2 translation

After selecting the text, click the "Translate" button to translate it into the specified language, supporting more than 100 languages to translate. Large-width label tapes are used, and multiple languages can be marked at the same time.

Application >>> Guide label for catering and retail industry | Need mulit-language notice

Share label data with mobile devices

Design&Print2 share data

Share the created label data through the cloud. Data can be shared to remote locations, or on-site where only mobile devices can be used.

Application >>> Assests management label | Shop display label

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