Sewing Accessories

  • Braiding Foot
*Non-returnable for all opened supplies and accessories*
Main Features
Braiding Foot The adjustable guide on this foot offers perfectly centered hands free placement of cords, ribbon, braiding, or tape up to 5mm in width.
How to use 1 Loosen the screw on the presser foot and insert a braid through the guide before attaching the presser foot on the machine.
How to use 2 Slide the plate of the guide back and forth to fit the width of the braid.
How to use 3 Tighten the screw and pull the braid behind the presser foot.
How to use 4 Attach the presser foot onto the machine.
How to use 5 Set the zigzag width slightly wider than the width of the braid.
How to use 6 Stitch braid in place.