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Embroidery Software

UGKV1AP (Upgrade Kit for V series)
  • V-Series Upgrade Kit 1 for V3 and V7 machines
HSM Accessories Features Whats in the box: 
Embroidery Software Upgrade to 300mm x 200mm hoop. Get more versatility from your V-Series machine with the new hoop and design options. Expand your embroidery area with the extra-large 12in x 8in (300mm x 200mm) embroidery hoop and create virtually flawless square designs with the 8in x 8in (200mm x 200mm) square embroidery hoop.
The upgrade kit contains a new easy way to get your text in the perfect spot, a new range of 30 designs and expands the machine to work with larger frames.
- 200x200mm Frame
- 300x200mm Frame
- Software Upgrade ( 30 New Patterns and Line break on Embroidery Letters)
Software Upgrade Note:
1. An internet connection is required to run the software upgrade
2. The software upgrade is Only supported Window Operation Systems (OS)
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