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  • Quick-set Bobbin
  • 14 Built-in Stitch Number
  • 4-step buttonhole
  • LED sewing light
Machine TypeFeaturesBuilt-in Stitch Number
Mechanical Sewing Machine Normal sewing stitches and decoration stitches 14 stitch number
All the basic features you’ll need are packed in this lightweight model – decorative and quilting stitches, twin needle and more. The JA1450NT is perfect for basic sewing and mending.
Main Features
Needle Threader Needle Threader Quick and easy needle threading. Saves time and your eyesight, by automatically feeding the thread through the needle's eye.
Quick-set Bobbin Quick-set Bobbin Simply drop in a full bobbin and the Quick-Set feature has you ready to sew immediately
Four-Step automatic buttonholder Four-Step automatic buttonholder Simply select the stitch and follow the directions to sew all four sides of the buttonhole without moving a lever
Category Mechanical Sewing Machine
Bobbin Type Horizontal
Needle Threader Yes
Sewing Speed Approx. 750rpm
Sewing Light LED
Foot controller Yes
Quick-set bobbin Yes
F.A.S.T Bobbin Winding System Yes
Wide Table No
Sewing Features
Stitch Number 14
Stitch Pattern Selection Dial Selection
Stitch length (Max) 4mm
Stitch Width (Max) 5mm
Stitch Width Control Yes
Stitch Length Control Yes
Number of Buttonholes 1
Buttonhole Sewing 4 Step
Feed Dog 6 point
Included Accessories 1. Zigzag foot “J” (on machine) x 1
2. Buttonhole foot “A” x 1
3. Zipper foot “I” x 1
4. Bobbin x 4 (One is on machine.)
5. Needle set (3 pcs in a pack) x 1
6. Extra spool pin x 1
7. Twin needle x 1
8. Screwdriver x 1
9. Foot controller x 1
10. Instructional DVD x 1
Optional Accessories 1. Adjustable Zipper & Piping Foot (F036N)
2. Blind Stitch Foot 5mm (F018N)
3. Concealed Zipper Foot (F004N)
4. Edge Joining Foot 5 & 7mm models (F056)
5. Narrow Hem Foot 5mm (F003N)
6. Non-Stick Foot 7mm (F007N)
7. Overlock Foot 5mm (F015N)
8. Picot Foot 5mm (F029N)
9. Straight Stitch Foot 5mm (F011N)
10. Binder Foot (F014N)
11. Braiding Foot (F021N)
12. Clearview Foot 7mm (F023N)
13. Gathering Foot (F012N)
14. Fringe Foot (F025N)
15. Pin Tuck Foot 5mm (F037N)
16. 1/4 inch Piecing Foot with Guide (F057)
17. Quilting Guide (F016N)
18. Metal Free Motion Open Toe Quilting Foot (F061)
19. Quilting Foot Free Motion 5 & 7mm (F005N)
20. Walking Foot 5mm (F034N)
21. Shuttle Hook Bobbins, clear plastic, 10-pack, 11.5 size (SFB)
22. Needle Set (1 ea, size 11/14/16) (XC8834021)
23. Needle Box set (X58358021)
Dimension / Weight
Dimension (W x D x H) Approx. 92mm(W) × 146mm(D) × 308mm(H)
Warranty 1 Year Carry-in Warranty
Supplies And Accessories
    Quantity Unit Price HK$50.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$10.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$60.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$90.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$78.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$86.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$200.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$160.00
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