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How to Register Warranty

Step 1

Customers are required to do the warranty registration from the 8th day to the 30th day (both dates inclusive) of the purchase. Please click “Warranty registration” under “Support” in menu bar or click “My warranties” to add warranty registration under your account page. Customer also can click here
If you are not a member yet,  you can click here for how to register your Brothership member account first. 


How to Register Warranty step 1
Step 2

After login, customers can access to this page and fill in the product information. If using Brothership member account to purchase through Brother eShop, please choose  “Purchase from Brother eShop” in “Purchase channel”. If not, please choose “Purchase from authorized reseller”. If customers are using guest checkout (without login to an account) to purchase from Brother eShop, please also select "Purchase from authorized reseller" and fill in "Brother eShop" under Purchase Shop Name.

How to Register Warranty step 2
Step 3

You are required to fill in * information, and then press "Submit“. Please fill in the information carefully. If customers intend to change the submitted information, customers are required to provide those relevant information to Brother Hong Kong as a proof of evidence.


Remark: Serial No. is the last 9-digit code which sticks in the machine carton box, please refer below for different product serial number sticker as your reference.

Step 4

There will be a system confirmation page and email confirmation will be sent out after the registration form submission.
a) Need to keep the original sales invoice and confirmation email for warranty
b) Please email us at [email protected] if you have any inquiry.


How to Register Warranty step 4