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Hybrid working technology solutions

The future of work is here – and it’s hybrid. Our range of innovative products and technology solutions have long supported organisations managing the challenges of a distributed workforce, facilitating frictionless working, helping maintain control and empowering teams to work to their potential, wherever they are.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Scalable workflow solutions designed to fit your environment

Kofax Control Suite boosts productivity by ensuring documents and information get to the right people at the right time through automated workflows and processes, wherever they are. Using advanced content aware, rules-based workflows, you can speed up processes, protect and redact confidential information and automate document archiving across multiple locations, while seamlessly connecting to around 40 enterprise systems, such as SAP.


Overhaul manual filing processes to allow for a seamless transition between home and office working, ensuring everyone who needs access to documentation has it instantly. Combined with our simple Barcode Utility solution, organisations can securely manage and govern documents, maintaining a chain of custody by automatically tracking documents - including how they’re accessed and used – just by scanning a barcode.  

Network Security

Changes in the workplace landscape have made network-connected printers and scanners even greater targets for cyberattacks.

Our tech makes managing fit-for-purpose, multiple location endpoint security protocols effortless. 

IEEE 802.1x

Device Security

Reinforce your network security measures with our in-device security features, for added peace of mind. 

Automatic intrusion detection

Our devices automatically monitor for irregular network activity and shut down upon detection of malicious processes, keeping the device, your data and your network safe from attack.

Digitally signed firmware

Maintain device integrity and protect against malicious activity such as the theft, destruction and manipulation of data, as well as firmware attacks, by preventing unauthorised modifications to Brother firmware through unalterable upgrades. 

Document Security

Cloud secure print

Cloud secure print is a standard product feature on Brother devices that stores documents securely in the Brother cloud until authorised to print by the user at the device. 

Secure print

Secure print is a standard product feature that stores documents securely on Brother devices until the user authorises the print job at the device.

Secure Print+

Secure Print+ is a print management software upgrade which helps businesses protect important documents and improve print security. Printers with an integrated NFC card reader or a large LCD touchscreen, allow print jobs to be released by the authenticated user, making sure confidential data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Secure print advanced

Secure print advanced is an upgraded feature on Brother devices that stores documents on the network until they are authorised for release by the user.

Cloud First

Many organisations are committing to a cloud first policy, eager to benefit from the scalability, security and stability that cloud hosted services offer. We work closely with major third-party software vendors to offer our customers access to sector-leading public, private and hybrid cloud print and scan solutions. 

Device Management

Request Help

Receive help directly from the control panel

Gain better control over your printer’s performance by requesting technical help directly from your device’s home screen.

Request Help is a Brother service that enables your IT administrator or printer service provider to easily troubleshoot errors that may occur. You simply press the ‘Request Help’ icon on the control panel and a full diagnostic report is created and automatically emailed to your IT administrator, saving you time and improving your business productivity by allowing you to use this time elsewhere.

Remote Panel

Real-time, remote management

Remotely troubleshoot print device issues, wherever the device is located. The control panel of the device can be operated remotely by your administrator, getting home and office users back printing in no time.

Operating in real-time and offering a complete interactive interface to your printing device, the full functionality of your printer can be accessed, including maintenance mode to quickly diagnose and resolve any issues, meaning fixes can be applied and settings changed completely remotely.

Brother Homeworker MPS Solution

Short-term MPS home working contracts

It can be difficult to secure buy-in for wholesale changes to business processes, particularly when they come with lengthy contractual commitments. We now offer all the benefits of a managed print service (MPS) contract on short-term 24-month home working contracts; allowing you to only pay for the pages your homeworkers print.

  • Brand new award-winning Brother hardware
  • Free, fully remote installation
  • Automatic toner ordering and delivery

More MPS details:


Printer management software

Receive live updates on your PC informing you of any issues as they happen, such as low toner or ink replacement warnings, as well as paper empty notifications, across your entire print fleet, giving you the ability to react instantly and maximise the productivity of your users. You can even find a running total of the number of pages printed, along with the location/users of those devices. 

Virtual Desktop(VDI)

With increasing numbers of organisations moving infrastructure to the cloud, as well as adopting hybrid working models, virtual desktop environments (such as Citrix) and hotdesking setups in the office, it's easy to overlook the impact that printing is now having on network bandwidth performance and costs.

By optimising print performance to compress print jobs to a smaller size, ThinPrint offer a cost-efficient way to ease the strain on the IT department, enabling significant cost savings across multiple locations.

Brother ThinPrint Client is a plug-in that enables efficient printing from a virtual desktop environment reducing cost and enhancing employee productivity in the distributed workplace.


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