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  • 80 Stitch Number 
  • LCD Screen
  • One-Step automatic button holder
  • Needle Threader
Machine Type Features Built-in Stitch Number One step buttonholes
Computerised Sewing Machine Sewing, quilting and decoration stitches 80 Stitch Number 8
Fantastic value for money. This entry level Electronic Sewing Machine is jam-packed with 80 built-in stitches. It also features a built-in needle threader, quick-set bobbin and stop/start button. Fantastic features in a lightweight compact body.
Main Features
LCD Screen LCD screen enables customers to easily recognize important sewing information including stitch width/length and type of presser foot for a selected stitch.
  • Simply press buttons to select stitches and to set out stitch length and width.
  • Default value is set out for each stitches. So, you can use a stitch at its best suited length and width.
One-Step automatic buttonholder One Step "Auto-size“ buttonholer creates a perfectly uniform buttonhole every time. Simply select the stitch and follow the directions to sew all four sides of the buttonhole without moving a lever.
Needle Threader Quick and easy needle threading. Saves time and your eyesight, by automatically feeding the thread through the needle's eye.
Quick-set Bobbin Simply drop in a full bobbin and the Quick-Set feature has you ready to sew immediately.
Seven-point feed-dogs Effortlessly create smooth, accurate seams on any fabric from the lightest silks to heavy denim.
Dual LED lamp The convenient lamp makes it easier to work with dark fabrics.
Category Computerised Sewing Machine
Bobbin Type Horizontal
Needle Threader Yes
Sewing Speed 850 rpm
Sewing Light LED
Foot controller Yes
Start Stop Button Yes
Thread Tension Control Yes
Quick-set bobbin Yes
F.A.S.T Bobbin Winding System Yes
LCD Display Screen Yes
Wide Table Optional
Anti-Dust Accessories Hard case
Sewing Features
Stitch Number 80 stitches
Stitch Pattern Selection Electronic jog dial
Stitch length (Max) 5mm
Stitch Width (Max) 7mm
Stitch Width Control Yes
Stitch Length Control Yes
Number of Buttonholes 8
Buttonhole Sewing 1 step
Drop Feed Yes
Feed Dog 7 Point
Included Accessories 1 Zigzag foot “J” (on machine) x 1
2 Buttonhole foot “A” x 1
3 Overcasting foot “G” x 1
4 Button fitting foot “M” x 1
5 Zipper foot “I” x 1
6 Blind stitch foot “R” x 1
7 Seam ripper x 1
8 Bobbin x 4 (One is on machine.)
9 Needle set x 1
10 Twin needle x 1
11 Cleaning brush x 1
12 Disc-shaped screwdriver x 1
13 Spool cap (large) x 1
14 Spool cap (medium) x 1
15 Spool cap (small) x 1
16 Extra spool pin x 1
17 Foot controller x 1
Optional Accessories 1 Walking Foot (F033N)
2 Quilting Foot (F005N)
3 1/4-Inch Quilting Foot (F001N)
4 Quilting guide (F016N)
Dimension / Weight
Dimension (W x D x H) Approx. 419mm(W) × 196mm(D) × 307mm(H)
Warranty 1 Year Carry-in Warranty
Supplies And Accessories
    Quantity Unit Price HK$50.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$90.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$78.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$60.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$60.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$86.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$66.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$205.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$64.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$60.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$250.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$84.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$160.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$170.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$170.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$170.00
Wide Table
    Quantity Unit Price HK$480.00
Sewing Accessories
    Quantity Unit Price HK$760.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$105.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$120.00
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