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The Client

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and trusted by event professionals worldwide, Zkipster is transforming the way events happen. From custom online invitations and guest lists to fast, reliable, and secure guest check-in, Zkipster is used regularly by global brands and organizations in more than 100 countries at galas, premieres, fundraisers, product launches, conferences, and corporate events.

The Challenge

Before digital technology, most event organizers and companies used paper guest lists to check-in guests, which often hampered a higher-quality event experience. Zkipster found that those who registered early had pre-printed (and potentially incorrect) name badges waiting for them. Long lines and clumsy searching at sign-in tables slowed down the process. And late signups or walk-ins were given “the permanent marker treatment,” as the attendee’s name and organization were scribbled (often unreadably) on a blank badge.

Daniel Dessauges and David Becker, the two co-founders of Zkipster, were running a series of events in which they needed to expedite this process and cut down waiting time for guests. Initial clients had a number of feature requests that they wanted to add to the Zkipster platform to speed up processes. One key request was to connect a name badge printer to the guest list app to automatically print a name tag at check-in and arrival of an attendee. Zkipster saw an opportunity to streamline the “guest journey” and to digitize the check-in process to meet these needs.

Labelling Solutions
Simplify event management with Zkipster's own development software to speed up the admission procedure

Zkipster need a complete labeling solution for the event management. All attendees only had to go through a simple registration procedure, search for the attendee's name in Zkipster platform without using a computer, and seamlessly connect the device and print the name badge in a second. This application not only makes every attendee to the registration, but also can record the real time report through the website management platform. Even if a large number of attendees come to register at the same time, they can be processed immediately. It is no longer necessary to delay the participation in the exhibition due to long queues, and creating a perfect impression for your customers.

Brother QL820NWB labeler delivers a streamlined solution with Bluetooth and wireless connectivity and an optional lithium battery to increase the efficiency of the Event Management process. Zkipster's labeling solution will also be added to support the new model QL1110NWB in coming future, please stay tuned for the latest news.

Product Recommendation

QL820NWB QL Series PC Connected HK$2,258.00
QL1110NWB QL Series PC Connected HK$3,158.00
The Outcome

Today, zkipster’s solutions are used for VIP operations at 40,000 plus events each year including The Noble Peace Prize Celebration, Art Basel and Fashion Week. As a result of its partnership with Brother, the company is now able to offer its customers a complete and seamless end to end digital solution for guest check-in.

For more information on Brother Labeling Solutions, please contact us at [email protected] or call at 3187 0500 hotline for purchase. To learn more about zkipster, visit https://www.zkipster.com/.

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