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Our client is an ophthalmology clinic with a professional team composed of experienced ophthalmologists and various medical staff. The ophthalmology clinic provides comprehensive eye examinations, diagnosis and surgical treatments. It also has many advanced ophthalmic medical equipment for the treatment of common eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular diseases.


The ophthalmology clinic placed a floor-standing copier for internal use. The copier had been used for many years. Recently, the copier had malfunctioned frequently, and printing speed had also been slowing down. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, clinic is striving to reduce unnecessary expenditures, and the cost of purchasing a new copier is high. However, If the copier malfunctioned or stopped working, it will seriously affect the operation of the clinic.


Switch to printer rental service to reduce the investment cost

In order to minimize the cost of office hardware, we recommended our Brother 'Managed Print Service' (MPS) plan for the ophthalmology clinic, which provides a flexible solution to printing needs. Costing lower than $7 per day, the plan starts from $199/month, with a contract period as short as 2 years. The plan includes flexible printing volume within the contract period, an automatic meter reading system, as well as proactive supplies and after-sales service arrangement. It can save operating costs while improving work efficiency.


Prevent leakage of sensitive information and patient privacy 
After changed to Brother MPS plan, no matter reception, consultation room, or medicine department have one high-performance and small-sized independent printer to avoid the sharing of copier. The ophthalmology clinic selected Brother 4-in-1 mono laser printers MFCL5900DW which has secure print function. When handling confidential documents, a password is required before printing, ensuring all confidential documents are properly secured (additional purchase of license is required). This printer model has a variety of functions, it combines full duplex function including print, scan, copy and fax, wireless networking and USB direct printing etc. It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises with 1-30 people.


5 worry-free catering for your all-round needs

With Brother 'Managed Print Service' (MPS) plan, you don't need to worry about installation, services and supplies ordering, and no more inefficiency, hidden cost or underutilized devices will be found. The plan includes printer rental, toner supply replenishment, repair and maintenance services, flexible monthly print volume and automatic meter reading system. It provides quality printing services to the clinic, which helps to increase the printing flexibly at the lowest cost, and saves the administrative time related to printers. Therefore, clinic staff can focus on providing better professional ophthalmology services to patients.


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