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Company Background

Our client is a newly opened education center, dedicated to provide students with the best specialist courses, including language, mathematics, general education courses, etc. The education center is operated by a small group of teachers which is approximately 5-10 employees. Our client needs 3 printers for printing education materials, supplementary exercises and reference documents.


Our client has no plan to allocate a substantial amount of investment on hardware equipment at the beginning stage. On the other hand, our client is expecting a massive amount of printing before the public examination. Number of students in the courses will be skyrocketing and lot of exercises and mock exam papers needed to be printed. Therefore, the budget for printing expense of the month would be very expensive.

Solutions and Results

Flexible print volume during the contract period

The flexibility of print volume is the top priority for client’s concern, therefore Brother launched “Managed Print Service (MPS)” with moderate contract period and low running cost. The scheme includes: printer rental, toner supply replenishment, repair and maintenance services, flexible monthly print volume and automatic meter reading system.

MPS will automatically calculate the total printing volume within the contract period. Pay-as-you-print is the concept of MPS, which is particularly good for client with fluctuated printing demand during the year. This plan can resolve the printing volume fluctuation of the education centre and save the printing expense during the peak season.


NO hidden charges

Asset investment is also a prioritized concern for the client. Customer pay the monthly fee for “Managed Print Service (MPS)” and do not need a vast amount of money to invest on printers and supplies. The MPS plan is totally transparent and do not have any hidden cost. “Managed Print Service (MPS)” is easy to understand, highly transparent and particularly suitable for companies with fluctuated printing demands. “Managed Print Service (MPS)” is the ultimate solutions for startup companies and SMEs.


Highly Efficient and Quality Print Solutions for SME Offices

The education center selected 3 units of Brother 4-in-1 mono laser printers MFCL6900DW, which support full duplex function by eliminating the need to flip over the document. Catering to the high volume printing needs during examination period, MFCL6900DW features a 80-sheet auto feeder and up to 520 pages paper tray and help to optimize the workflow. MFCL6900DW is suitable for the company which print around 3,000 - 10,000 pages per month. We enable organizations to improve their efficiency, and reduce the hidden waste of employees’ time incurred on print-related tasks.


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