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Company Background

Our client is one of the SME Seafood Wholesaler in Hong Kong. The main business of seafood wholesaler is whole selling high quality seafood from local and international. They provide premium seafood including Boston lobster, Alaskan crab, South African abalone, Scallops, etc. Also, our client delivers the high-quality marine products to restaurants, markets and food retail shop.


Soaring rents in Hong Kong squeezing the size of office. A photocopier in office would be a burden for a tiny workplace. Company will have a big trouble if the photocopier is out of order.

Also, using ONE photocopier with central printing may cause privacy issues, confidential documents such as salary receipts, bank statements and customer purchase order, etc. Those documents may be exposed to parties who are not supposed to reach within the office.

Administrative staffs hesitate to use printers because those printers need to manage by themselves such as buying consumables, maintenance, etc.

Solutions and Results

Excellent after-sales services provided by Brother

Brother Managed Print Service (MPS) provide automatic meter reading reporting to the existing MPS users. Also, Brother proactively arranges supplies and troubleshooting, allowing client to focus on seafood business development without worrying the administrative printing matters.

Brother can centrally grasp the status of supplies and printers, as early as possible for customers to automatically arrange delivery replenishment supplies, and also reduce the time cost of colleagues on monitoring and replenishing supplies.

In addition, on-site repair and maintenance service provided to the client during the service period could save the administrative cost and time regarding the maintenance. So that the seafood wholesaler can develop their business without worrying on printing administrative issues. 


Decentralize printing devices with central management help to reduce waiting time

Different departments could have different high efficiency and compact size printers according to their needs, more printers act as resilience among different departments, staff doesn’t need to share the same printer. That will simplify the operation flow, save the time and have higher data security. Our client selected Brother 4-in-1 mono laser printers MFCL5900DW which has secure print function. When handling confidential documents, a password is required before printing, ensuring all confidential documents are properly secured.

We enable organizations to improve their efficiency and reduce the hidden waste of employees’ time incurred on print-related tasks. This helps to free up staff time to focus on other strategic initiatives, as opposed to day-to-day maintenance tasks.


Mobile Print Solutions for SMEs

 The contract amount of MFCL5900DW starts from $249 up per month and support full duplex print / scan / copy / fax and Wifi. Users can print from the mobile device through Brother iPrint&Scan, Apple AirPrint® and Google Cloud Print™. Mobile printing adds convenience to user and provide a competitive edge in today business world. MFCL5900DW is suitable for the company which print 500 pages per month. Also, MFCL5900DW offers high speed A4 mono document printing at 40ppm and handle the massive printing quickly.


Please contact 3589 9000 or send email to [email protected] for further detail quotation.