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Commercial Embroidery Machines

  • Six needles
  • Wireless LAN Connectivity
  • Cross-hair laser
  • Large 300 x 200mm embroidery area
*Free upgrade to 2 times on-site warranty within 1 year by registering warranty successfully within 60 days of purchase date from 1st Dec 2022 to 31st Dec 2022. (Please refer to "TERMS & CONDITIONS" for details and restrictions).
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Machine TypeFeaturesBuilt-in FontsBuilt-in Embroidery DesignEmbroidery Sewing AreaEmbroidery Sewing Speed
Computerised and Embroidery Machine 6 Needles Embroidery 53 Fonts type 763 designs 300mm x 200mm 1000spm
The PR680W can handle different-sized projects with six-needle speed and versatility and help you to develop from an at-home hobbyist to a small business marketplace and take your passion to the next level.
Main Features
商用自動刺繡機十字紅外線定位標記 Crosshair Embroidery Droplight Laser Drop your needle exactly where it needs to be, ensuring you always place your pattern in the right place.
商用自動刺繡機無線網絡連接功能 Wireless LAN Connectivity Keep track the status of your embroidery with the My Stitch Monitor mobile app on your iOS or Android™ device, there is no need arrange extra manpower for the monitoring.
商用自動刺繡機安全鎖定及快捷鍵功能 Administrative and Operator Lock Help you to customize workflows for their business. A shortcut key allows the user to jump directly to the embroidery screen.
商用自動刺繡機刺繡範圍 300x200mm embroidery area The large embroidery area and variety of included and optional frames gives you the flexibility to create a multitude of projects.
商用自動刺繡機內置圖案及字型 763 build-in designs and 53 fonts Personalize your creations in just about any style with a full range of built-in fonts.
商用自動刺繡機特大觸控屏幕 10.1” Touchscreen Preview your designs with this HD touch screen, offering you a vivid and crystal clear display.
Brother Artspira 應用程式 Artspira mobile application The free Artspira mobile application can let you easily edit, create and design all within the app, then transfer your creations wirelessly to Brother embroidery machine.
Embroidery Features
Embroidery Speed (Max) 1000spm
Embroidery Area (Max) 300mm X 200mm
Build-in Embroidery Design 763
Built-in fonts 53
On Screen Editing Yes
Needle number for Embroidery 6
Jump Stitch & Wiper Function Yes
Category Computerized Embroidery
Bobbin Type Vertical
Needle Threader Yes
Start Stop Button Yes
Touch Panel LCD Yes
LCD Display Screen Yes
Included Accessories Extra-large 300 x 200 mm frame
Large 180 x 130 mm frame
Medium 100 x 100 mm frame
Small 60 x 40 mm frame
Dimension / Weight
Dimension (W x D x H) Approx. 58.7cm (L) × 51.2cm(W) × 58.9cm(H)
Warranty 1 Year Carry-in Warranty
Supplies And Accessories
Embroidery Thread and others
  • Stabilizer material - 3 pieces of 28 x 100cm
    Quantity Unit Price HK$48.00
  • Water soluble stabilizer - 1 sheet measuring 28 x 300 cm
    Quantity Unit Price HK$48.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$330.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$650.00
  • Embroidery Bobbin Thread
    Quantity Unit Price HK$160.00
  • Cap Frame
  • Available: 
    Quantity Unit Price HK$4,200.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$7,799.00
  • Cap Frame
  • Available: 
    Quantity Unit Price HK$900.00
  • Cylinder Frame
  • Available: 
    Quantity Unit Price HK$5,500.00
  • Arm D and Center Shoe Clamp Frame
  • Available: 
    Quantity Unit Price HK$2,700.00
  • Left and Right Shoe Clamp Frames
  • Available: 
    Quantity Unit Price HK$2,850.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$1,700.00
  • Flat frame
  • Available: 
    Quantity Unit Price HK$370.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$1,700.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$700.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$1,070.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$3,899.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$2,300.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$2,029.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$3,399.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$2,999.00
  • PR series stand
  • Available: 
    Quantity Unit Price HK$4,200.00
Embroidery Frames
  • Embroidery frame (Medium)
  • Available: 
    Quantity Unit Price HK$280.00
  • Embroidery frame (Large)
  • Available: 
    Quantity Unit Price HK$300.00
  • Embroidery frame (Extra large)
  • Available: 
    Quantity Unit Price HK$449.00
  • Embroidery frame (Small)
  • Available: 
    Quantity Unit Price HK$230.00
Wide Table
  • Wide Table for PR machine
  • Available: 
    Quantity Unit Price HK$4,270.00
Computerize Sewing + Embroidery
    Quantity Unit Price HK$9,800.00
    Quantity Unit Price HK$3,100.00
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