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How to redeem

Thank you for purchasing Brother products. If you have purchased promotional product within promotion period, please follow the below steps to redeem your premium.

Remember to bring along below document for redemption.

  1. Original sales invoices

  2. Cut the complete serial number from the carton box

  3. Brother Redemption letter (Successful applicants will receive letter by post)


Please access below link www.brother.com.hk/free_gift_redemption

from 8th day to the 30th day (both dates inclusive) of purchase and select your registration form which is base on the purchase month

(If you purchase Brother promotional product in March, please select "March" registration from)

You are required to fill in * information, and then press "Submit"

a) Serial No. is the last 9 digit code which sticks in the machine carton box, please refer below for different product serial number stick as your reference.

b) Please fill in the information carefully. If customers intend to change the submitted information, customers are required to provide those relevant information to Brother Hong Konh as a proof of evidence.

There is a message pop up to advise customer for the Redemption Reference Number and pay attention to the provided postal address within 60 days after the registration form submission.

a) Need to keep the original sales invoice and serial number sticker for redemption

b) Please email us at [email protected] if you have any inquiry.

Brother will also send an acknowledgement enter to customer for the Redemption application.


After the information verified, customer will receive a redemption letter by post within 60 days after receiving customer's successful registration


Customer have to bring along below document to designated redemption centre for redemption.

 Redemption letter

 HKID card

 Original sales invoice

Cut the complete serial number from the carton box - must include Serial number an Product Code (for printer redemption)