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Home PTD200 series

Brother P-Touch PTD200 series home and office labellers

Life with labels, you can do this!
Named your personal items easily

As a students, stationery is a must-have items for school, as long as you can add emoji or character patterns to the label, you can also use a transparent label to name your favourable items.

It not only doesn't affect the stationery design, but also brings a new feeling to stationery. Minimise the loss or disorder of the personal stuff.

The importance of the fabric tape

Iron the fabric label tape on the school uniform or sportswear, there is no need to afraid that the new school uniform will be lost or disordered, and once the character pattern is printed, which highlights the personal style and inspires the creativity and touching children's heartbeat.

Water resistant for the laminated tape

Using Brother P-touch labellers to print a waterproof and oil-proof label, which is attached to the seasoning bottle, which helps to distinguish ingredients such as oil, salt, sugar and soy sauce, and enhance the impression.

Food safety is extremely important to health, simply stick the date of consumption on the seasoning to make a reminder, or paste it on the lunch box to distinguish the owners.

The label tape is temperature-resistant and safe to put in the microwave.

Small gift with heart

Prepare small gifts for friends and simply share happiness.

Using the ribbon tape introduced by Brother P-Touch with printed name on it, or even a secret signal that shared by you two, making the gift unique.

In addition, Brother also added a series of premium labels to make the gifts look more elegant and noble.

If you send a friend as a wedding gift, it will be more intimate.

Maintain personal hygiene

Under the influence of the COVID-19, Hong Kong people pay more attention to personal hygiene than before. To teach children to raise awareness of virus prevention, the label is taking an indispensable role.

Be sure to label families' prevention items in advance, such as hand sanitizers, alcohol spray, 1:99 bleach and etc., so as not to have too many unknown bottles in the house.

If you accidentally use the wrong prevention items, you will be in trouble. If you would like to DIY masks for your family, in addition to using different fabrics to identify the masks, you can iron a name label to it to prevent disorder while maintaining personal hygiene. Please bear in mind that when you go out, try to use surgical masks to prevent virus intrusion.

Organizing your home

To organize your home items, Brother label is definitely your choice.

Simply label your stuff in advance to avoid disordering.

Furthermore, you also can label home switch panel to prevent wrong control over light or electricity.

- Tape Characteristic -

Brother TZe laminated tape is water and oil resistant, fade and temperature resistant.

It is durable and suitable for to home and different working environment.

Brother TZe Tape materials overview
- PTD200 Machine overall features -
- PTD200 By character pattern and frame -

Hello Kitty PTD200KN

Doraemon PTD200DR
Rilakkuma PTD200RK
Snoopy PTD200SN

Product Recommendation

PTD200HK Hand-held HK$298.00
PTD200 Hand-held HK$298.00
PTD200SN Character HK$448.00
PTD200RK Character HK$448.00
PTD200LB Character HK$448.00
PTD200DR Character HK$448.00
PTD200KN Character HK$448.00

- other series -
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