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Create unique, colorful designs on glossy adhesive paper using your favorite photos, images and text which add rich color to life and work

Powered by ZINK® Zero-Ink® printing technology, the secret's hidden in the label rolls. Special color layer in the paper are activated by heat to create full color labels without the need for additional ink cartridges. 


No ink cartridges or toner are needed. Full color printing with a specially designed label tape.

The label surface is a white layer, but in reality it is overlapped by different colored layers such as blue, magenta and yellow. Each colored layer will be colored at different temperatures, and full color printing can be performed by heat adjustment.

There are 5 labels width. You can do the full color printing with just one roll of label tape.

Create labels on your smartphone, tablet or PC and print wirelessly from the Brother full color label printer

Use "Color Label Editor“ mobile app or PC software "P-touch Editor" creates unique labels with fun.

Simply create original color labels with a smartphone app!

- Steps to make a label via your smartphone -
STEP 1 Start

You can choose to add a new design, create from a template, or edit a saved label file.

STEP 2 Design

You can enter or edit text, backgrounds, pictures, and more. Just feel free to design exclusive and personal labels.

STEP 3 Print

Connect your smartphone and label machine with Wi-Fi and print. The completed label design is automatically stored in the application.

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It can be connected to a computer and create a label.

Wide Range of label widths
Available 5 sizes widths to offer maximum flexibility.

The P-touch Color series has a label that is up to 50mm wide.
You can add photos and color images to broaden your usage of the label and breakthrough the original frame.

Although it is small in size, it offers a 50mm wide label selection. 
It is small enough to be placed on a desk or shelf. The P-touch Color series has a label size of up to 50 mm. The label application is much broader than before.

Color labels are more eye-catching and easier to identify.
The unique display of color labels brings quality to the next level.

Make your child's room more tidy

Original label with colorful text and photos makes the storage and name label more impressive.

Organized office environment more neatly

Add company logos and color images to improve the identification of file organization and equipment management and hence improve work efficiency.

Professional packaging quality

Labels with hand-made photographs and color illustrations make gift packaging and shop decoration and interpretation more advanced.

Product Recommendation

VC500W Color Labeller HK$1,428.00