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1.Blade sensor technology

 The new Auto Blade gives you the freedom and versatility to explore cutting a range of thicker materials without needing to change the blade. The ScanNCut SDX1200 also comes with our specially designed Thin Fabric Auto Blade, which makes cutting thin fabric without backing a breeze.

2.Build-in patterns  

Packed with 17 fonts and 1,303 built-in designs, the SDX1200 has something for every person, project or occasion. Choose from basic shapes, intricate designs, borders, quilt and applique patterns, fonts.

3. Add the new Roll Feeder for matless loading

Roll Feeder* can cut length 90cm x width 30cm of the materials,you can now make a long banner for home decoration and window display.

*Additional purchase

4.Handy accessories storage compartments

After using the applications, you can storage the accessories in the box.

5. SVG/PED/PHC/PHX readability

Convert your favorite PRS/PHC/PHX embroidery data into cutting or drawing files directly on the SDX1200. Able to recognize grey, colour, outline, region and stitch lines. Also, with the SDX1200 there is no need to convert SVG files before cutting out, as the machine can read them directly.,

6. WLAN connection

Wireless connection allows you to send designs directly from you free Canvas Workspace account.

Wide range of applications

1. DIY Lover The SDX1200 can accurately cut out any shape pattern. The materials, such as paper, fabric, leather, PVC film stickers, can be easily cut to give you unlimited creativity!
2. Business Application Companies and SMEs can use the SDX1200 to easily create a variety of promotional POPs, long posters, stickers, banners to reduce the printing costs.
3. Home decoration You can use the SDX1200 to make decorations to at home, also can make birthday decorations in the children's birthday party.
4. School teaching application SDX1200 can also be used to make school board, STEM project, art homework, which is definitely best working partner for parents and teachers.

Product Recommendation

SDX1200 ScanNCut HK$3,999.00
Advanced Features of Home & Hobby Cutting Machine with a Built-in Scanner and Wireless connectivity.