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  • 4R Premier Glossy Photo Paper - 20 Sheets
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A Perfect Match

Innobella™ Ink is the result of extensive research and development by Brother, involving tests conducted on over 100 different elements. Innobella™ Photo Paper, another advanced technology developed by Brother, has a carefully formulated coat of chemical solutions that enhances smoothness and reduces ink bleed. Designed to work together for best results, Innobella™ Ink & Paper create perfect prints every time.

Main Features
Why Use Innobella™ Paper? Innobella™ Photo Paper has been coated with a well-researched and developed chemical to achieve a smoother finish, eliminating bleeding and smearing of ink.The special coating also broadens the maximum colour reproduction area and improves the red, magenta and green for fantastic photographic outputs with astounding vividness and brilliance.
Type 4R Premier Glossy Photo Paper
Size 102 x 152 mm
Volume 260 g/m