Sewing Accessories

  • Sidecutter
*Non-returnable for all opened supplies and accessories*
Main Features
Sidecutter Genuine Brother® Accessory. Cut fabric and overcast fabric edges at the same time. Side Cutter foot creates the perfectly cut edge of a serger. Measure and finish fabric edges with straight or zig zag stitches. Centered post for consistent stitch formation over fabric edge.
How to use 1 Make a cut about 2 cm (3/4’’) long in the seam line of the fabric.
How to use 2 Select a stitch, and adjust settings as needed.
How to use 3 Place the cut right section on the top of the foot guide plate.
How to use 4 Slip the left side under the presser foot.
How to use 5 Lower the presser foot and guide the fabric through the presser foot as it stitches.