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  • Candlewicking Foot
*Non-returnable for all opened supplies and accessories*
Main Features
Candlewicking Foot This foot is useful for sewing the candlewick stitch as decorative stitching on clothes and quilts with sewing machines that are equipped with the MY CUSTOM STITCH function, have candlewick stitches built in or can import candlewick stitches.
Because of the deep groove in the sole of the presser foot, beautiful stitching can be sewn without being crushed and without the presser foot catching on it.
How to use 1 Fold the fabric up to create the desired hem, then baste about 5 mm from the edge of the fabric. Fold back the fabric along the basting and position the fabric with the wrong side facing up.
How to use 2 Position the fabric with the edge of the folded hem against the guide of the presser foot.
How to use 3 Lower the presser foot lever.
How to use 4 Select the blind hem stitch.
How to use 5 Adjust the stitch width until the needle slightly catches the fold of the hem.
How to use 6 Sew.