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Workflow & Document Management

Streamline workflow management and Improve Productivity
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Streamline workflow management and Improve Productivity

Workflow efficiency can help streamline a wide range of processes across an entire organization. Scan and send documents directly from a Brother device to a selected destination with ease. Enable secure transmission to help meet document handling regulations and protect sensitive or confidential information.


Today's business environment demands more collaboration and greater efficiency. Brother helps mid-to-large sized organizations streamline processes and create efficiencies for long-term success. Brother business printers, MFPs and scanners contain several features to help optimize workflows and improve productivity.

Scan to

Conveniently scan to Image, OCR, Email, File, Cloud Service, Email Server, FTP, SharePoint, SSH Server (SFTP), Network Folder (SMB 1,2,3), My Folder (Active Directory), My Email (Active Directory and Secure Function Lock)

SMBv3 (Scanning)

Server Message Block (SMB) is a protocol connecting Windows clients and servers so they can share files and printers

Active Directory Email Lookup

Search the corporate Microsoft Active Directory address book directly from the front panel of the machine for destination addresses using the Scan to Email Server feature.

LDAP Email Lookup

Search the corporate address book located on an LDAP Server for destination addresses using the machine's front panel.

Secure Email Certificate

Enables direct communication to a secure email server using TLS V1.2, STARTTLS, and SMTP-AUTH.

PaperPort 14SE

Document management software included with Brother multifunction printers.

High Speed Scanning to USB

Scan documents directly to a folder on a PC via USB connection.


Conveniently use the network to send and receive faxes, compared to using a conventional phone line. The receiving fax machine must also support I-Fax.

Fax Forward

Foreword incoming fax documents to a defined fax number or email address.

Fax to Server

Brother MFP devices can integrate into a fax server environment, eliminating the need for individual phone lines connected to each machine.

Network PC Fax

Send documents via a Brother PC-Fax Driver. Pull from the machine's address book, or enter a destination number on a Brother MFP or fax device.

Whether on the road, at a customer site or in a retail storefront, Brother offers a wide range of printing and scanning solutions to help improve workgroup productivity and efficiency – virtually whenever, wherever. These include:

Google Cloud Print 2.0 - Wirelessly print to any printer registered to a Google account via a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

Brother iPrint&Scan - Print photos, PDFs, web pages, documents, and text file formats. Scan to the device or supported cloud service. Preview copies; edit, preview and send faxes; check the machine's status - all from a smartphone or tablet.

Brother Cloud Apps is a free suite of innovative, cloud-based applications accessed directly from compatible, Internet-connected Brother devices that allow you to capture and convert information directly from your machine – without using a computer. Features include:

Brother Value Services and Custom Solutions

From enhanced collaboration to increased document security, Brother Value Services and Custom Solutions feature an expanded portfolio of personalized service and solutions offerings designed to meet the needs of mid-to-large size customers.

Automatically separate batches of documents using barcode-reading technology and send the documents to the correct folders.


Streamline workflow processes using scanned documents containing barcodes. Barcodes allow for more accurate and efficient data input compared to typical manual data entry.

Benefits include:

  • Group individual pages into documents
  • Rename file batches
  • Redirect divided files to the relevant destinations

Use Case

Scanning environments that require a streamlined document workflow process.

This solution works with:
High-speed wireless document scanner for mid to large size workgroups.

Print barcodes on demand from a software application without a dedicated barcode printer.


Barcodes are used for various workflows and identification, increasing business efficiency and accuracy. The Barcode Print+ solution expands the number of barcode fonts native to the machine. This makes printing barcodes more efficient from barcode applications.

Use Case

Environments managing assets and resources, controlling distribution channels and stock levels, tracking documents, and managing data records.

This solution works with:


Business laser printer for mid-sized workgroups with higher print volumes.

Modify the standard user interface on select Brother products.


The User Interface can be customized with different backgrounds, icons, and available machine features.

Examples include:

  • Place a company logo in the background of the display
  • Customize business workflows to allow access to specific device functions, while hiding others
  • Custom User Interface can also be used as part of a security policy. Icons can be removed from the User Interface which eliminates access to a particular feature. Predefined icons also reduce the risk of documents accidentally being sent to the wrong destination.

Use Case

Virtually any business environment that is looking to streamline workflows, put a security policy in place, or promote a corporate logo or image on the machine.

This solution works with:


Business laser all-in-one printer for mid-sized workgroups with higher print volumes

Ensures that confidential or sensitive documents do not print until the user authenticates by entering a PIN or via an NFC card on the machine's integrated NFC card reader*.


This job release solution offers security for print jobs without the high cost of IT services, middleware, or infrastructure overhead typically required for this type of solution. Retrieve printed documents, with the confidence that they have not been read or copied by anyone else, while meeting document handling guidelines and regulations.

This solution works with Secure Function Lock, which makes it easy to manage adding and removing users in a few simple steps, including setting associated NFC card identification. Users can be set up with a profile that includes access to the machine's functions.

Help reduce printing costs and become more environmentally aware by automatically deleting documents that are not retrieved or printed.

Use Case

Environments that need to ensure the security of printed data, but do not have a sophisticated server network or expensive print management middleware.

* Not compatible with all NFC formats. For a list of compatible NFC formats, see manufacturer's specifications.
This solution works with:


Business laser printer for mid-sized workgroups with higher print volumes.


Printer & Scanner Interface

Enables third-party developers to build custom solutions for and integrate with Brother machines.


Easily create customized solutions to integrate with existing workflows for added capabilities, improved workflows, and increased security.

Benefits include:

  • Secure access to device functions
  • Control and customization of the user interface panel
  • User authentication support via built-in NFC card reader* or optional external HID compliant card reader
  • Privacy ensured by TLS 1.2 connection

Use Case

  • Environments requiring secure customized print and scan solutions that can be easily deployed across multiple Brother devices.

* Not compatible with all NFC formats. For a list of compatible NFC formats, see manufacturer’s specifications.

This solution works with:


Business laser all-in-one printer for mid-sized workgroups with higher print volumes.

PRINTING SOLUTION Print smart and optimise your office with our range of quality, state-of-the-art machines for every need and budget. Enjoy the consistent print reliability with Brother’s value-added functions and applications to meet your business requirements. SCANNING SOLUTION Time to optimise your processes by bridging the gap between your paper and digital assets through one-touch solutions. Brother scanners can deliver streamlined workflows for your organisation to help you meet the needs of your expanding business.

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