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How To Identify Genuine Brother Ink Or Toners

Brother genuine consumables include below features:
Ink and Toner Packing
  1. Brother all Ink and Toner package will have worldwide conisitent blue bar。
  2. Brother genuine Brother hologram
  3. Brother HK genuine consumables label (Toner and Ink)
How to examine genuine Brother Hologram?

Authenticate by tilting the label against light to verify the genuine Brother hologram, or referencing it with the pictures aside。

How to examine the ID number?

Authenticate by checking the ID number on the label through the Brother Authentication Website.

We are 100% dedicated to providing our customers with genuine Brother products. If you have come across a suspected fake product recently (lack of above genuine features), help us in our fight against piracy and report us at call 3187 0500 or email at [email protected] immediately.