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P-Touch Cube

Surrounded by your favorite small sundries will make your daily life fill with personality traits.

With a smartphone, you can easily design labels through P-TOUCH to gift your loved items a special attribute.



w h a t  i s

p - t o u c h  c u b e


P-touch Cube Application

Whether you need labels to organize your home or office, to identify contents of files, food containers, storage bins, cabinets, clothing, or cables – P-touch labellers will get the job done. 

They can be used to create permanent labels of high quality for both indoor and outdoor use. These portable labeling machines have been designed to be convenient to carry with you, and are a kind of functional mordern stationery, which are believed to be favourable among hipster nowadays.

The new model also supports different text input methods, including Cantonese that can be typed on our daily mobile phones, allows you to print some playful and fun labels.



a p p l i c a t i o n


|f o r - d a i l y - u s e|
Box labelling Labelling the box stored in the drawer, you will know what is inside, without opening it. TEXT:WHITE | TAPE:BLACK| TAPE MODEL:TZe335
Seasoning jars labelling Seasoning jars always look the same, but with a label, they look neatly, and can be distinguished at a glance. TEXT:BLACK | TAPE:WHITE| TAPE MODEL:TZe231
| f o r - n a m i n g|
Umbrella label Attached to the umbrella that is easy to be lost, label helps prolong its life. TEXT:WHITE | TAPE:BLACK| TAPE MODEL:TZe335
Fabric label Suitable for using in cloth items such as handkerchiefs. Add fabric label tape with text using an iron. TEXT:BLUE | TAPE:PALE BLUE | TEXTURE:FABRIC| TAPE MODEL:TZeFA53
|f o r - r e c e i p t|
folder laber Put labels in different folders to let children develop the habit of exercise sheet classification. TEXT:WHITE| TAPE:TRANSPARENT| TAPE MODEL:TZe135
Tray label Use labels to organize files mixed by brothers and sisters, and put them in the right place. TEXT:RED | TAPE:TRANSPARENT| TAPE MODEL:TZe132
|f o r - g i f t|
Ribbon decoration Decorate the bouquet with a silk label tape. Coupled with your own message, convey your feeling to them. TEXT:GOLD | TAPE:NAVY | TEXTURE:RIBBON| TAPE MODEL:TZeRN34
Can label When you give a hand-made jam as a gift, it would be warm if you add its date of made in the label. TEXT:WHITE | TAPE:GOLD| TAPE MODEL:TZe33M3 (TZeMQ835)



d o w n l o a d


[ P-touch Design & Print 2 ]

For use with : PTP300BT, PTP300BTKT, PTP300BTLB, PTP300BTSG, PTP710BT

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P-touch Design&Print is a free application for use with Brother P-touch Labellers that have Bluetooth® technology. Design labels on your Android™ or iOS electronic devices and print them using the Brother P-touch labellers. Easily create labels and decorative tapes from a variety of templates perfect for all your labeling, crafting, storage, gift and gift wrapping needs. A wide variety of fonts, symbols, emojis, patterns and frames are provided in the application to create and design labels. Connect to your printer in seconds using Bluetooth without the need of computer software or driver, and create your labels anytime anywhere.


 Free download available in App Store or Google Play



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PTP300BT Hand-held HK$598.00
PTP710BT Hand-held_PC Connected HK$1,098.00
PTP300BTKT Hand-held HK$698.00
PTP300BTLB Hand-held HK$698.00
PTP910BT Hand-held_PC Connected HK$3,468.00
PTP710BT BLACK Hand-held_PC Connected HK$1,098.00
PTP300BTSG Hand-held HK$698.00