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How to Buy Embroidery Pattern

Embroidery Pattern Link

Go to > choose Embroidery Pattern under product category.


Select your favorite embroidery patterns. You may choose more than 2,000 pcs embroidery patterns of different series at the product category on the left hand side. Click the sign of shopping cart to add your selected embroidery atterns to shopping cart.


After adding all favorite embroidery patterns to shopping cart, member can login to continue purchasing. Customers who have not created an account can click 'Login' to apply for membership. Your name will appear on the page after your successful login. You can continue the purchasing process by clicking shopping cart.

Remark: Customers are required to fill in delivery information for patterns purchase as it is a normal purchase procedure in online shop.


For customers who have not purchased embroidery patterns before, you need to click 'Add machine codes' to type in your machine codes.


Downloadable content is non-refundable. Please confirm the specifications of the embroidery patterns whether they are suitable for your sewing machine. All embroidery patterns are ineligible for return and refund.


Select the sewing machine model and enter the machine code at sewing machine code field, click save. You may switch on your machine or click 'How to find your sewing machine code?' to find your machine code.


Remark: Machine no./code refer to private number inside the sewing machine, and it is not equal to serial number.


Your machine code will appear when you are back to the shopping cart page. You can checkout after you choose your machine code for all your selected embroidery patterns.


Please be reminded that each embroidery pattern can only use for one Broter Sewing Machine


After your payment, system will ask you whether you want to download the embroidery patterns, please click Yes. If you want to download later, your purchased embroidery patterns will be shown on My Downlodas under Brothership.


Finally, save your selected embroidery patterns to USB and insert it into your embroidery machine to start the embroidery*.


Please be reminded that to attach the embroidery unit before the embroidery.